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Perfect Timing by Jeffrey J. Smith - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Accidentally transported to the future, caterer Crik escapes house-arrest with Tepper, his possible distant descendant. While pursued by volunteer vigilante Voltak, goofball Crik explores Geotopia-where buildings grow, people incorporate animal powers, smart phones know it all, and vehicles defy gravity-seeking clues. If he can discover, understand, and articulate the future's public policy that works right for everybody, he can prove he was their founder, the lone agent of change who put society on its path toward universal prosperity and harmony with nature. If he fails to convince the Futurite Authorities, they wouldn't return their unexpected visitor to the exact second he left-something their law requires-to the moment when a hail of gunfire was bearing down on the luckless caterer and college dropout...would they?

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Jennifer's Review
It was a good book but a bit confusing for me. 
It's about a guy named Crik who gets pulled into the future through a time machine. Once there, he is forced to make the people believe he knows about geonomics, and he has to prove he is their Founder. 
He meets his great great granddaughter, Ehi, who is half human/half cat. 
He has an adventure with her trying to escape from bad people named the Dear Learners. They want to send him back to the second he was pulled into their time. 
Do they succeed? 
This book was confusing for me, mostly because I wasn't sure if the characters were human, animal, or a combo of human and animal, so I give it 4 stars.

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