The Soul Mender
The Soul Mender Trilogy Book 1
by R.S. Dabney

Urban Fantasy

In a wild escape to avoid becoming the sixth victim of the elusive Rocky
Mountain Murderer, twenty-two-year-old Riley Dale finds herself flung
into a universe parallel to her own, where Las Vegas is known for its
churches, terrorist attacks are initiated by the United States, and
peace can be found in the darkest corners of the globe.

As the deadly visions that have haunted her since childhood become real,
Riley is confronted with the implausible story of a world split in
two and the stark contrast between good and evil in people she thought she knew. 

Racing deeper into the mystery of the new world, Riley discovers the
explosive truth about her ancestors who have been hunted for
thousands of years because of a single mistake made long ago. 

And now it’s her turn to pay for that blunder.

Pursued by both the government and a clandestine sect of assassins,
 Riley must ally with the only people in the parallel universe willing to
keep her safe—the drug-addicted, prostituting other half of her
soul, and the counter soul of a man who tortured and killed five young women.

Discover new worlds in this Kirkus Star Awarded
book that is being called "not only highly entertaining, but profoundly edifying!"

The Peace Keeper
The Soul Mender Trilogy Book 2

Safe in her own world, Riley Dale should finally be able to put the
horrifying experience in the parallel universe behind her. But as she
processes recent events, business as usual is not an option. Her
allies are still in big trouble.

To rescue her friends, Riley ventures back into the parallel world she
had tried so hard to escape from. As her path winds through a maze of
twisted history and familial legend, she finds herself blocked by
both her attitude and insecurities, as well as by her enemies.

And those enemies are becoming desperate.

As each version of the world and her opponents grow more volatile, Riley
must cast aside her own weakness and accept the mantle of Electa if
she can ever hope to save humanity from a devastating end.

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Chapter One

Tick, tick, tick. What must have been a clock counted away precious seconds
with a jarring noise, as if the long arm of time scraped in slow motion like nails
on a chalkboard. Shapeless shapes and hazy clouds morphed and changed colors
in her mind with each excruciating tick. But she remained frozen.
Occasionally, a new form emerged, a humanlike silhouette that hovered close
and danced for a moment in the world between sanity and whatever muted fog
she’d entered. Then came the darkness and the tick, tick, tick.
Finally, a day came when the shapes formed outlines, and the colors
remained static and sharp. The ticking sound blended into the rest of the waking
world, overshadowed by chirping birds and wind pressing through an open
window. Welcome sounds. Soft sounds. And the wavering human outline
appeared, and this time he had a face and didn’t bring with him a new cycle of
darkness and harsh noises.
Riley Dale stared up at the man, aware for the first time of her own body
lying on an old brass bed. A sticky cloth bandaged her head, and her arm was
wrapped in iodine-stained gauze. A temporary brace held one leg secure as
mysterious blue liquid dripped into her veins through an IV attached to her arm.
She coughed, hacking up green bile and pink clumps that she prayed weren’t
pieces of lung. The man held out a bowl, and she spit.
“Welcome back.” The old man stood by the bed, looking tired and wan.
She searched each wrinkle on his face, studying the way his jaw tightened
and unclenched, noting that any signs of age were intentionally misleading, not a
true indication of strength or ability. Her mind flashed back to the night she’d
staggered to his porch and asked for help. She’d told him everything, and he’d
confirmed that he was indeed her grandmother’s Custos.
Michael Flynn stared down at her sympathetically, removing the bandages
from her head and forearm.
“How long was I out?” she asked.
“A week.” He wiped the wounds clean and applied a fresh coat of antibiotic
ointment. “You needed to heal.”
She tried to sit upright but felt weak and dizzy. Her head raced, and her leg
still throbbed, but the physical pain was insignificant compared to the anguish of
wasting a week doing nothing.
Resting her head back onto the pillow, she let out a slow breath and nodded
at the leg. “Is it broken?”
“No. The bone was bruised but intact. Once you feel strong again, you won’t
have a problem walking.”
Riley sighed and peered out the window. Leaves rustled in the breeze, and
for a moment she felt comfort knowing she was back in her world. But then
Ezra’s determined stare and Oz’s angry scowl flashed through her mind as she
recalled the SUV plummeting into danger to save her life.
And all she’d done to assist was lie in bed.
“I have to help them.” She pushed herself into a seated position and met
Michael’s eyes. They seemed to burn with a new intensity, as though the
smoldering amber coals had finally found enough oxygen to burst into flames.
“Yes.” He nodded. “You do. But you couldn’t have accomplished anything in
your former condition. You are stronger now.”
Riley touched the spot on her forehead where she’d hit the dresser when the
bad half of Zachary Stone had tried to kill her. No more oozing, pus-filled
laceration—just a clean patch of scarred flesh. She caught a glimpse of
Michael’s concerned stare but kept her gaze on the bedsheets. His eyes carried
too many terrible thoughts. Too many excruciating conclusions. Gabe. Pain
clenched in her stomach.
“Have you heard from him?” she asked.
Michael dabbed a wet cloth to her forehead and handed her a small pill. “He
hasn’t checked in yet. I’m sorry, Riley. Gabe is strong. He always finds a way
Riley swallowed the medicine, fighting tears. “Do my parents know I’m
“Not yet. I thought you should recover first before deciding if you want to
bring them into this. If you really mean to save your friends and complete your
mission, you will have to disappear. They would lose you all over again. That
decision is yours to make, not mine.”
Almost immediately, Riley felt her lids growing heavy from the medication
in her system. Never mind the weight of the task—really the weight of the world
—resting on her shoulders if she chose to be the Electa. Michael Flynn pressed a
comforting hand on hers before he slipped from the room. She drifted back into
the unconscious world, thinking only of her friends and all the people who
needed to be saved.

The World Binder
The Soul Mender Trilogy Book 3

Riley’s allies are scattered, broken, or dead. In one universe, an army
stands ready to destroy the East. In the other, a biological weapon
threatens to wipe out the West. Despite the looming devastation, she
is no closer to restoring balance to humanity.

As Riley trains to use the ring her grandmother left her and works to
find a way to bind the worlds, terrifying new visions plague her.
Unearthed betrayals lead Riley to painful truths and hopeless
revelations about those she thought she could trust.

Even about people she loves.

As her enemies circle and her friends falter, Riley must race to find
answers lost to ancient memory in the sands surrounding what was once
the Garden of Eden. Healing the world may demand she sacrifice all
she holds dear—even her own chance to witness the peace she’s
fought so hard for.

Debut author R.S. Dabney’s passion for reading, writing, and exploring
thrilling stories about unlikely heroes conquering evil started at a
young age, culminating in the completion of her first novel, The Soul
Mender, book one in The Soul Mender Trilogy. Her favorite books span
every genre and she likes to describe her own work as having
something for everyone—a sprinkle of suspense, a dash of adventure,
and a whole lot of good versus evil.

R.S. grew up running around the red rocks and ravines in the deserts of
southern Utah, building forts, fighting battles, and living the lives
of all the characters she and her friends created. An avid lover of
all things nature and the outdoors, R.S. attended Texas A&M
University where she majored in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and
minored in Park and Natural Resource Management. She worked for the
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for three years before leaving to
pursue her dream of writing a novel.

She currently lives in the Big Bend region of Texas with her husband, two
dogs, and cat. When she isn’t lost in another dimension creating
havoc for her characters and stories, she enjoys mountain biking,
exploring the desert, and eating way too much Mexican food.

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