Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden by Al Romero - Guest Blogger Book Review

As the talented and determined priestess, Mieu Notra, continues her quest to free the demigod Cacco from the cruelty of Lord Deseo DeLasombra, she finds that the lines between friend and foe become blurred. Betrayed by her Grandmother, the Countess of Cortuna, who schemes to give Mieu’s hand in marriage to her worst enemy, she turns to unlikely allies for help: The Seventh Day Bandits, a group of thieves that strike when most decent folk are at church. Mieu soon finds herself on the run in a wild and lawless territory where she discovers a mysterious castle that seems far too good to be true.
Meanwhile, in the sleepy town of San Marga, Mieu’s escape from the countess creates some unexpected consequences when the entire town is sensationalized by her disappearance. Amongst the townsfolk is a lowly stable boy and ‘no-tail’ named Ayan, who, having been abused and insulted all of his life for having been born without a tail, is desperate to prove himself and join the legendary order of knights known as the Wulvekraken. Ayan surprises himself by breaking the rules, and setting off on an unlikely quest to free the blue-haired maiden, Mieu, from the highwaymen he mistakenly believes to be her captors. With his cousin Jon Cabal, a refugee from a war-stricken land, and a peculiar scholar named Earon Deacon en tow, Ayan finds himself on thrilling adventure beyond his wildest dreams where he obtains Shadowgleam, the legendary sword of Vellorea’s first king.
Mieu and Ayan’s fates intertwine as they weave in and out of a perilous conflict between a settlement of refugees, and an army of invaders that seek to enslave them. They do all of this under the watchful eye Griol, the all-powerful deity of the Velloreans, who manipulates all the players from the shadows of the netherworld, and waits patiently to claim the souls of fallen warriors.

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Jennifer's Review
It is a very good book. I really enjoyed reading it. 
It's about a little mouse person named Ayan who works for a bad family taking care of them along with his mom and dad. 
One day he sees a beautiful girl with blue hair so he follows her and ends up in a dungeon of a castle. She has to rescue him. After she does, he soon finds himself outside the castle. He sees people fighting and decides he wants to be a knight, but after he gets found out, he is punished. 
He soon escapes and meets other people and different races of creatures. The maiden he loves gets caught by bandits and what ensues is an incredible adventure. 
This book is so long, though, it's hard for me to review it with so many different things happening. 
4 stars.

Author Bio
Al Romero emigrated to the United States from Mexico along with his family when he was only a year old. Growing up a stone’s throw away from Disneyland, he was fascinated by all things animation, and decided early in life to dedicate himself to the craft of telling stories through moving pictures. He received his B.f.A. From the prestigious Pratt Institute of Art in New York City, where he vigorously studied drawing, illustration, and even studied animation before there was even an official animation department.
After college, he returned to Southern California he briefly, and poorly assistant managed a Toys R’ Us, which gave him the hilarious kind of trauma that inspires one to begin to write and draw comic books in his spare time. Realizing that he was only hurting the economy, Al left retail to pursue Art Education, and taught art in a High School in Baldwin Park. After one year, Al became a statistic and quit teaching because he was offered a job as an assistant editor for late night programming of a sensual nature.
Slowly, but surely, Al took on a number of challenging jobs, including an innovative, but ill-fated reality show “The Ambassadors.” His hard work paid off when a good friend helped him obtain a job on the “Key & Peele” pilot, and has worked as an assistant editor since on “Workaholics”. He also edits commercial sizzle reels for Bandwagon Media, who works on project for companies like Mattel. Al is also working on his life-long dream of writing his book, “The Tail,” which he hopes to turn into an animated motion picture. 

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