The Witches of Andar
by Ashlie Harris


A trio of An-Kishar witches has unwittingly become involved in a royal
coup. After saving the murdered king's son, the foursome takes
shelter with a traveling theater troupe, hoping to stay in hiding
until the Prince is able to reclaim his throne.

Fight alongside Malinda, Alice, and Justine to rid the kingdom of the dark
magic that threatens to run rampant. Venture into the Hanging Ferns
Forest, travel with the Thespian Connection, and help unravel the
mysteries that lie within the realm of Andar!

"Alice!... You can't slap a Prince!" -Justine; The Witches of Andar- Book 1

Raising their hands, they shouted in unison, “Scuto socio!" A
great, golden flash erupted from their palms, drawing
everyone's attention from the drama unfolding between
Justine, Prince Gregdan, and the Duke/King. The crowd
dispersed upon seeing the witches in action. Most feared the
unknown forces behind their magic and others could simply
sense the impending doom.
The shimmering shield spread it’s translucent tendrils until it
was completely encircling all three women. The Prince,
however, seemed to be just out of the spell’s reach. Muttering
another incantation, Malinda nodded her head and the
remaining guards dropped to the ground, completely
paralyzed. Justine, now free of the guards, made a break for
the Prince.
“Stop!” shouted the Duke, red-faced and veins bulging. He
stepped closer to Prince Gregdan so that he was within arms’
reach, and pointed to Justine. “You foolish girl! Do you not
know a losing battle when you’re in the middle of one?”
“The only loser here is you, King Ebrius,” retorted Justine,
filling the title with as much disgust and contempt as she
could muster.
“You would be wise to address me more respectfully, child,”
warned Ebrius. “I may take pity on you yet. I do tend to
prefer a feisty redhead,” he winked and Justine could feel her
stomach churning in response. “Just think,” he said, “like it or
not, I am King. You could be my Queen.”
Being an An-Kishar limited Justine’s knowledge of harmful
spells, but she’d always been good at improvising. She
recalled the incantations she’d been helping Alice transcribe
before their world had been shattered into a million pieces.
Remembering a partial spell, and with more confidence than
she felt, Justine summoned every ounce of her love and anger
and bellowed, “Konfleur aphida!”
Nothing happened and, for a moment, Justine thought she’d
done the spell incorrectly and she feared the consequences if
she had. Just as she began to lose heart, they heard a great
roar. Ebrius, fearing an attack from a large and fearsome
creature, drew his sword, ready to fight. His foe, however,
was not a great beast, but a massive swarm of insects. Every
sort of insect found in the kingdom was present it seemedfrom
the minuscule, crawling Opaci to the intimidating
Vespuns, their black wings, shining in the evening sun. And
their sole intent was to lay siege to the false King.

Ashlie Harris is 30 years old and a Stay-at-Home mother of four homeschooled
children. She and her husband live in the heart of the Midwest, USA,
in a place Ashlie likes to call, "The Land of Corn and Beans".
She has lived there all her life but may plan to move North in the
near future. A unique childhood and a passion for the written word
have served as motivation and inspiration throughout the years.
Always the writer, Ashlie can often be found asking inappropriate
questions, staring at seemingly nothing for hours on end, and
generally being completely socially awkward. Her biggest wish is for
people to look past their differences and start treating each other
as the one, single race we are- HUMAN.

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