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Up in Smoke by Hannah R. Conway - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Hannah R. Conway is a military wife,
mother of two, middle school teacher, and speaker. Her novels are a deployment
experience of their own, threaded with faith, and filled with twists and turns
sure to thrill, and encourage. Hannah is a member of the American Christian
Fiction Writers, and My book Therapy. She and her family live near Nashville,

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"Life heats up for Leanna Wilson when an accident
claims her parent’s lives. Her dreams of a high profile law career are reduced
to rubble when she returns home to assume custody of her sister, Brie. Without
the financial means to take legal custody of her sister—or a binding will to
place her safely in her arms—Leanna’s future becomes more uncertain than ever.
Already prepared for a blazing custody battle, with less than capable
relatives, Leanna’s world is set ablaze when her ex-fiancĂ© complicates matters
in an attempt to destroy her future and her faith. US Army, SSG Garrison Burke
has spent the last few years alone—balancing flag and fatherhood since the
tragic death of his wife. Facing deployment, Garrison is desperate to find a safe
caretaker for his son, Ezra—preferably anywhere but the abusive home he grew up
in. So, when Leanna Wilson walks unexpectedly back into his life, he’s not sure
if she’s a blessing or a curse. More importantly, Garrison cannot seem to
forget how he betrayed Leanna many years ago. Yet, as Leanna and Garrison begin
to run out of time, they start to see that the solution to their problems might
lie within each other, but will they forget the past and allow their broken
hearts to mend? As sparks begin to fly and their love is rekindled, a marriage
of convenience will either make their wildest dreams come true or cause their
best-laid plans to go up in smoke."

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“Lee, I know I can help you, and
I...I need your help too.” Garrison held her gaze as her eyes widened. “I need
a safe person to take care of Ez. And look after Aunt Mary.  And I can think of no one better than you.”
“Ez thinks so too.”
He fumbled with his thumbs and
waited. And waited. “I’d pay you.”
Would she ever respond?
Garrison swallowed. “I know you’re
worth more than what I could pay--” Oh, Lord, that sounded all wrong. “I mean,
paying for your service—” He bit his lip. Geez, that was worse.
Lee laughed, thank goodness.
“You’ve always had a way with words.
Thank you, Garrison.” She chuckled again, folding her arms over her knees.
“Would a judge give me custody over Brie then? If I was a caretaker?”
Was she considering his offer?
He tugged on the bill of his hat and
sat up a little straighter. “I don’t think so.”
The deal sounded slightly one-sided
in that light. She’d still not have insurance, and the job was just for a
short-time. This deployment would only be nine months.
Garrison closed his eyes and let his
shoulders relax. “I know another way.” Was he insane? He had to be. “Leanna,
marry me, and you’ll have a solid way to keep Brie, and your home.”  
Did he even hear himself? His
heartbeat pounded in his head. What kind of insane idea was spilling out of his
mouth? But he couldn’t stop.
“What’s mine would be yours. You’d
have insurance, benefits. Brie too.”
Her lips parted, but no sound came.
Garrison placed his hand on top of
hers. “I’ll even find a way to pay off your parents’ debt. We can do this.
She sucked in a sharp breath, drew
her hand from his, and stood. “You’re out of your mind.”
Yeah. They both were.

But this could work.

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