Morgan J Muir lives in Utah with her fantastic husband, three offspring, and as many cats (but she doesn’t carry them with kits in sacks, and has never been to St. Ives). She grew up riding horses and motorcycles and listening to her grandmother read poetry. She grew up reading any sci-fi/fantasy novel she could get her hands on and so was surprised the day she discovered that she also really enjoyed historical fiction.

Morgan always loved to write and draw and her parents always liked to say that they knew she’d write a book some day.  Ever since she was small she told stories and drew pictures for her tales.  When she got old enough, all of her spare time between classes was spent writing and she always had a notebook with her.

Her first novel was originally written after her first child was born, to help her pass the long, lonely hours as a new stay-at-home mom.  As her kids got older and more came she was too busy to do much with her stories, until one year she was introduced to NaNoWriMo, which finally rekindled the spark that led her to finish what she’d started.

Morgan’s favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson, Kristen Britain and Marion Zimmer Bradley.

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Mariah has chosen to become a vampire, but she can’t remember why.

Upon waking in the labyrinthine caves of Sophus, a centuries-old vampire, Mariah can’t remember all the choices that brought her there, but she does know there are dangerous secrets hidden within her.  As she learns to control her powerful new body— and its bloodthirsty urges— Mariah discovers a unique ability to travel through a world of spirit, the key to remembering her past, and possibly the future. 

At first, it seems her path is simple: learn to control her bloodlust, find her missing husband, and return with him to raise their son. However, things are more complicated than they seem, and neither Sophus nor her husband’s captor is willing to let them go. Mariah must use whatever skills she can to find her husband and protect her still-mortal son, but will it be enough? 

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Character Casting
I’m not familiar enough with all the amazing acting talent that is out there to do justice to picking someone I think would be a good fit for my characters. Alas. Since I know nothing of their talent or skills, here’s closest I can find as far as looks.
Mariah – Catalina Sandino Moreno
Miguel – pick your favorite hot brunette British actor. Because half the fun of books is getting to fit the characters to your own tastes. ;)
Elisa - Ana de Armas
Sophus – pick your favorite devastatingly gorgeous Greek actor and then make him blond.
Theron – pick another gorgeous Greek actor, but keep him brunette. Then brutally disfigure him.

Sophus turned to Mariah and grinned. Faster than the other woman could possibly have seen, he moved to shut the door with a solid, ominous thud. He returned to stand before the woman whose eyes darted from the door back to Sophus, nervousness growing in her eyes. He again caressed her neck before he spoke. “She is here to help me send you on your way.”
Mariah watched from near the door as Sophus slid his hand around the back of his victim’s neck, and swept down on the unfortunate woman, his hand muffling her startled scream. Shocked, Mariah tried to look the other way as he bit the woman’s neck and began sucking at the lifeblood. She tried to resist, but the scent of the fresh blood was intoxicating.
Mariah couldn’t help but watch with a dazed fascination, though she had no intention of being a part of this murder. However, as she watched, a voice in her mind, that predator part of herself, wheedled its way into her stunned thoughts. This is necessary for our protection, the voice whispered. She fought the rising bloodlust, but the voice slowly reasoned her into tolerating it. She should accept it. Everyone who’s thought it through knows no one leaves here alive. The girl must have known what was coming. She should join it. It would be a shame to let good blood go to waste. Finally, she lost herself in it. This is what I was made for.

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