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Damaged by Krys Fenner - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Krys Fenner
(Dark Road #2)
Publication date: November 20th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Hope springs eternal for everyone except Bella Kynaston. She survived the rape, but the aftermath is a whole other story. She struggles to figure out who she really is as more truths are revealed about her heritage. With no real anchor, sometimes ending it all seems like the only way out.
David has loved Bella for three years. Too bad he feels as if he no longer deserves a chance with her. Much to his surprise that’s exactly what he gets, but she’s far more damaged than he ever imagined. Still, he’ll do anything to help her even if it means losing himself in the process. Any transgression can be forgiven. Or so he thinks.
Will Bella find the peace she so desperately seeks if the pain permanently ended? Is there someone who can get to her in time? Or will the damage she’s suffered prove too much to bear?

My Review

Damaged is the second book in the Dark Road series by Krys Fenner, and it picks up where Addicted left off. 
Bella is now dealing, or trying to deal, with the events that happened in book one. Unfortunately for her, things aren't getting any easier. In fact, they seem to be getting worse. She's spiraling and struggling, but she pretends she's fine and hopes that somehow, miraculously, everything will work itself out in the end. 
With Jeremiah out of the picture, it's time for David, the boy Bella was tutoring, to make his move. Can he bring her out of the darkness, or is she too damaged to save?
 I found myself a little more invested in the characters this time around. Addicted was good, but Damaged was a little bit better, at least for me. I was anxious to see if Bella would finally find a healthy way to cope with the awfulness of her past. I wanted to root for her and see her work through everything.  

Instead, I found myself frustrated and almost angry at Bella for the way she was acting and behaving. I mean, I truly get that she went through a really awful, traumatic experience, and reacting badly is, I guess, a way of coping, but... I just don't get it. She has loving, caring parents. She has people who would be more than willing to help her. Instead, she shuns them and does whatever she feels like doing to try and stop the pain. She starts down a dark road, and she doesn't seem to care at all about what others might think or feel. She's a bit selfish, at least in my opinion.

I also was angry at Jeremiah. He sort of just let Bella go, and he didn't bother even trying to make things right or find out how she was handling things until it was almost too late. 

To be honest, I kinda hated every character in this book, except for maybe Jeremiah's parents. Bella's parents aren't awful, but they could have tried a bit harder, I think.

Plot-wise, the book is definitely emotional in so many ways. Like I said above, I felt a lot of anger while reading this book, but there are also some really sad scenes, too. It's definitely a tough story to get through. Worth the read, though.

I give Damaged 3.5 stars. I'm curious to see where the story will go after all of this.
Author Bio:
Krys Fenner has been infinitely passionate about writing and helping people for as long as she can remember. To date, she has published two books, numerous poems, and is now avidly working on a fantasy series. Krys received an Associate of Arts in Psychology and is currently working on her B.A.
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  2. Let's try this again. Thank you so much for the review! Your response makes me feel like I did my job. And I promise that Book 3 will bring a close to Bella's story and end with a cliffhanger for someone else.

    1. You're welcome! :) I'm looking forward to book 3. Curious to see how Bella's story will end.


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