Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dark Matters by John Kaniecki - Book Tour + Giveaway

Dark Matters
by John Kaniecki

SciFi, Dystopian

A collection if three stories by John Kaniecki.


Religion and truth battle for control.

In a future society on planet Earth a young man named Zacchaeus is
raised the post apocalyptic society which is underground. Zacchaeus
becomes a zealous believer in the church of Ratata. Zach’s father
tries to protect him by transporting the young man to a different
continent. Isolated from his religious family. Zach manages to find
his way back home. However Zach’s eyes become opened to the truth
to find the sacred text of Ratata to be a lie. Thus Zacchaeus is
condemned as a heretic as he chooses to abandon the lie of religion.


In a world of evil everyday is a wicked race.

In the not so far off future a group of Nazis have been exiled to a
distant planet. In their wicked society they simmer in their misery,
dreaming of returning to planet Earth as conquerors. Johnny is a
perfect Aryan in every way excelling in the ways of Nazism. But with
superiority comes arrogance. What happens when the best is your worst?



Michael Thorpe, an engineering student, is swept away in love by one Lady
Jane Perkins, but what does the young man see in this homeless
psychiatric patient?

Michael Thorpe is an engineering student at David’s Institute. He dreams of
the day when he will be wealthy and thus happy. In fulfilling the
requirements of a psychology course Michael visits a psychiatric
hospital to visit one Lady Jane Perkins. Once meeting the woman
Michael can’t seem to get her out of his mind, literally. So
Michael begins a quest traveling to the disheveled side of Technocity
to find his true love. But what nefarious powers are manipulating
Michael Thorpe and why?

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John Kaniecki was born in Brooklyn, New York. Though having no memories of
life there, John is proud to be called a Native New Yorker. John was
raised in Pequanock Township, New Jersey. At age twenty John was
baptized and became a member of the Church of Christ. Presently John
resides in Montclair, NJ and lives with his wife of over twelve years
Sylvia. The happy couple attend the Church of Christ at Chancellor
Avenue in Newark, NJ. John is very active in outreach and teaching as
part of the leadership of the congregation.

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