Inn the Spirit of Legends
Spirits of Texas Book 1
by Becki Willis

Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery

From the author of The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series and Forgotten
, comes an intriguing new book series, the Spirits of Texas Cozy Mysteries. 
When the tiny hamlet of Hannah, Texas goes up for auction, Hannah Duncan’s
fun-loving uncle sees it as the perfect gift for her thirtieth
birthday. After all, what’s more fun than a town bearing your own name? 
Nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, the ‘town’ isn’t much —
a dozen or less buildings in various stages of disrepair—but it
comes with a dedicated pair of caretakers, a menagerie of farm
animals, a surprisingly generous trust fund, enough stipulations to
make her head spin, and a handsome but maddening attorney to oversee
the handling of the estate.
Originally a stagecoach stop, Hannah, Texas resolves around the historic and
rather charming Spirits of Texas Inn. The old inn
comes with a colorful past, the mystique of hidden treasure, loyal
guests who still book summer vacations there, and three surprise
residents: true spirits of the past, who didn’t cross over as expected. 
Now Hannah has her hands full, coming to terms with her unexpected status
as an innkeeper, adjusting to life in the country, fighting her
attraction to attorney Walker Jacoby, plus dealing with ghosts! 
To top it off, two fortune hunters arrive to search for the hidden
treasure, and they don’t care who stands in their way. They’ll
stoop to any means—including murder—to get their hands on the
legendary stash of gold.
Don’t miss out on the excitement, right from the beginning. Book your visit
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  “Like taking candy from a baby.”
Delroy slipped into the front seat of the old pickup and held up a manila folder. His thin face split with a grin.
“What is that?”
“Some sort of contract. Lots of ‘wherefores’ and other such nonsense. It looked important, so I took it.”
“What’s in the other hand?” his brother asked, pulling away from the shoulder of the road. Del had been waiting in the trees, just as planned.
“That, dear brother,” Del said, popping the last of the morsel into his mouth and smacking his lips, “was just about the best pork chop I ever did taste.”
“I’m glad you enjoyed your midmorning snack,” his brother jeered. “What else did you find? I stalled as long as I could, giving you more time to snoop.”
“I couldn’t snoop too much,” Del complained, licking his fingers clean. “That woman was watching me.”
“What woman? There ain’t another woman out there. I’ve been casing the place all week, don’t you know.”
“Don’t know how you could miss a fine woman like her. Long blond hair, skin as fair as day, a pretty yellow dress that hung all the way to the floor. Mighty fine looking woman.”
His brother flung his beefy arm out, walloping him in the chest. “I sent you in there to find something useful, you fool, not to flirt with the cook!”
“I found this, didn’t I?” the younger man scoffed, waving the folder in the air triumphantly.
“What is it, then? What’s it say? Does it have a copy of the map inside?”
“Well, let’s just take a look-see and find out.” Delroy opened the folder and scanned the first place. “It says here the party of the first part is demanding su—sufficient r—re—renumeration,” he struggled with the words, “for concentration of expenses in—incurred—”
“You mean compensation.”
“Yeah, that too.” Del scanned the rest of the document, until he reached the last page. “Okay, here we go. This says that Opal Finke is demanding seven thousand and fifty-two dollars from Hill Country Home Insurance.”
“Who the heck is Opal Finke?”
“The poor woman who’s house flooded when the water pipe broke. Ouch! Whatdidya hit me for?” He shrank into himself, but he couldn’t pull far enough away to escape his brother’s wrath. Bigs slapped at him blindly, swatting anything his flapping arm came in contact with. The truck swerved a crazy path down the blacktop road. “Watch it, Bigs! You nearly run us off the road!”
“I’ll not only run you off the road, I’ll run you out of town!” Snatching the cap off his head, Bigs used it to extend his reach. His continued to swat at his brother, who now hovered against the far door. “I’ll run you off the dad blamed planet! That file you stole ain’t got nothing to do with the hidden treasure, you idiot. That’s just some old lady suing her insurance company. I swear, sometimes you ain’t got a lick of sense!”
“Big Daddy always said it was the curse,” Delroy defended himself. “The curse that little German gal put on our family, when Great Granddaddy Patch didn’t go back and marry her.”
“You ain’t cursed,” his brother denied. “You’re just plumb stupid.”

Becki Willis, best known for her popular The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series
and Forgotten Boxes, always dreamed of being an author. In November
of '13, that dream became a reality. Since that time, she has
published eleven books, won first place honors for Best Mystery
Series, Best Suspense Fiction and Best Audio Book, and has introduced
her imaginary friends to readers around the world. 

An avid history buff, Becki likes to poke around in old places and learn
about the past. Other addictions include reading, writing, junking,
unraveling a good mystery, and coffee. She loves to travel, but
believes coming home to her family and her Texas ranch is the best
part of any trip. Becki is a member of the Association of Texas
Authors, the National Association of Professional Women, and the
Brazos Writers organization. She attended Texas A&M University
and majored in Journalism.

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