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Lie to Her by Mehrisa Mex - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Lie to Her
by Mehrisa Mex


GENRE:   psychological thriller



Despite years of treatment, twenty-one year old Lydia still struggles with trauma from being attacked 
as a teenager. House-bound with anxieties and haunted by ghostly visions, she soon comes to 
suspect her psychiatrist husband, Myles, of sabotaging her recovery. 

Her pursuit of the truth uncovers secrets more terrible than she ever imagined and it soon becomes 
clear that nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted – not even herself.



She drew out a baseball bat from the cupboard and gripped it tightly. Then she swung it at the camera 
on the landing until she was sure she had destroyed it.  

She thundered down the stairs and knocked out the one in the hallway. She then went about smashing
the one in Myles's study. She was out of breath by the end of it, but also completely exhilarated.

Good girl.

Now out of view of any detectable surveillance camera, she went over to his desk drawer, 
which was locked. She hoped the gun was still in there and she tugged on it on the off-chance that 
it was a bad lock. No such luck.

With her hands shaking from the adrenaline, she pulled the hairpins out of her jeans pocket and laid 
them out on the desk. Her eyelids fluttered as she surveyed them. What was she thinking? 
She couldn't do this.

You've done it before a hundred times.

"That was years ago." Her days of picking locked liquor cabinets were long past her.

You can do this. Or, I can do it for you.

"No, wait."

She bit the soft end off one of the hairpins and pulled it apart while bending the rounded end of another 
pin into a lever. She pressed the lever hairpin into the lock cylinder and with the other one, she began
 to work on shifting the spring-loaded internal pins into their required position.
At any moment, it would all be over. The doors of the house would fly open and people would come 
crashing in to get her - the unstable fugitive, the runaway lab rat.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Mehrisa Mex writes mystery-thrillers, neo-noir and international crime. She often appears in her own 
imagination lit in the chiaroscuro style of film noir and narrating thoughts to herself in moody, 
hard-boiled tones.

Amazon link for book purchase:

Info links:


Mehrisa Mex will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner 
via rafflecopter during the tour.

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  1. Hello, thanks for posting this blurb and excerpt!

    If readers are curious about this 'unstable fugitive' and the nightmare in which she finds herself, they can check out the novel on Amazon. It's currently available for free on Kindle Unlimited for subscribers. And for all those who'd like a free copy, I'll be conducting a free book giveaway on Saturday 31st March. Don't miss out! :)

  2. I enjoyed getting to know your book; congrats on the tour, I hope it is a fun one for you, and thanks for the chance to win :)


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