Mel Jones has it all: beauty, brains, a job where she makes a ton of money, and dozens of admirers. But, unfortunately for her, she has a deep, dark secret. And, unfortunately for those around her, she has a legendarily short temper and an uncanny ability to make absolutely awful decisions.

Somehow, she winds up in the middle of the Goodard’s family drama when Harriet Goodard, her boss’s spoiled, rambunctious, and entitled socialite teenage daughter, becomes her intern for the summer. To make matters worse, her supervisor’s in love with her and won’t stop trying to woo her, even though he’s annoying and, in her opinion, a little mentally unhinged. The cherry on top of it all? Her first work assignment involves writing up a contract with a company that may or may not be drug front associated with the mob. When she tries to tell the CEO about all this, he dismisses her concerns and accuses her of trying to hurt his teenage daughter. Will she be able to survive her new job, navigate the boss’s family drama, and keep her sanity? Even she doesn’t know the answer to that one…

Mel and the Mob was previously published as Fortune Favors the Bold under the pseudonym “Annabelle Coggsworth.”

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Jennifer's Review
It was a very good book and I enjoyed it. 
It's about this girl named Mel who gets a job working for a law firm and is hired to do contracts and the likes. She soon gets told the boss wants his daughter to work with Mel. The two of them are soon on a mission to find out about a company they think is peddling drugs to make medicine. Is it true? Then Mel is soon fighting her supervisor named Leon, who has a crush on her and works for the bad company. Mel soon learns all about Leon and his plan to do bad things to the boss and his daughter. 
What is it, and does he succeed or does Mel foil it? 
This is a good book and I cant wait to find out what happens. 
5 stars. 

Author Bio
Molly V. Lovell is a law student at William and Mary by day, novelist by night. Her hobbies include writing (obviously), painting, looking at cute puppies, and reading books about political theory, a subject that Molly has a Master’s Degree in. Molly was born and raised in Amesbury, Massachusetts, by her two amazing parents and she now lives in Hyattsville, Maryland, with her loving husband.