Title: Ok Danny Boy: Chaos Vol. 1

Author: Felicia Johnson

Series: Ok Danny Boy Trilogy (Book 1)

Genre:  Young Adult to New Adult...Coming of Age

Publisher: S.P.E. Media, Productions and Publishing

Release June 18, 2017

Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print


The spin-off of “HER” is called “OK Danny Boy". This three part book series follows the story of an artistic and mysterious young man who Kristen meets during her stay in Bent Creek Hospital. Daniel proved to be a supportive peer, whom Kristen saw as a positive influence throughout her recovery. However, Daniel had not always been a role model. Daniel is diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, OCD and Juvenile Diabetes. His story follows his journey throughout his healing and learning to cope with life’s transitions, coming of age, living with mental illness as well as a physical illness and the suicide of a close friend. Fans of “HER” will get to see what it was like on the other side of the Adolescent Ward.

Part one: "CHAOS" follows Daniel's life before he goes into Bent Creek Hospital during his mental breakdown.
Part two: "MONSTER" follows Daniel's story while he is in Bent Creek Hospital through his treatment.
Part three: "LOVE" follows Daniel after his treatment in Bent Creek Hospital into his recovery process.

*** This is part of a trilogy. These are the first two books in the OK Danny Boy series. The third book is to be released this summer. However, the OK Danny Boy trilogy is a spin-off of my first novel called “HER”. Daniel is a character from “HER” and OK Danny Boy is his story. It is recommended to read “HER” before the Danny Boy trilogy but it is not necessary. It is important to read Ok Danny Boy volume 1 before you read volume 2. ***

Imagine Okay Danny Boy Chaos Vol 1 on the Big Screen for the world to enjoy. Who would you want to play your characters? 

Ezra Miller would play Daniel well. I like his awesome acting skills and his look is almost racially ambiguous like Daniel's character.
Michael Shannon is a great actor! He has the ability to transform himself into his roles. He seems like a dedicated actor who can play any part no matter how big or small and rule it.
Joelle would make a good Theresa because she has that sassy and seductive look and attitude that is like Theresa.

Sabrina Carpenter would play Janine well because she is a versatile actress. Janine is complicated and loveable. She is an actress who can play multiple roles. Janine is many things.

Sarah Jeffrey would play Kristen well because she has the look and she is a wonderful actress.

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Felicia Johnson is a mental health and youth advocate. She is a motivational speaker who shares her life story about surviving abuse and living with mental illness. Felicia has spoken around the world to many diverse audiences. She is an active youth mentor with Youth Villages Inner Harbour. She speaks for organizations such as The National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI) and Personality Disorders Awareness Network (PDAN). Felicia Johnson's first novel called “HER” has gained popularity and recognition from audiences and organizations worldwide.

Felicia lives in Atlanta, Georgia USA with her loving husband and their cat that they call Eren Jaegar, named after her favorite anime character. She loves ice cream, hugs and having great belly laughs with friends.

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