Sunday, March 4, 2018

Press F5 to Load Game by LeVar Ravel - Guest Blogger Book Review

How to win an election:

1. Shake hands.
2. Kiss babies.
3. Travel through time.

“Politics is more difficult than physics,” said Albert Einstein. Now that we can time travel, this is no longer true.

All the State House gossips go abuzz when an influential senator forms an alliance with Rep. Frannie Upwood, the capital’s most famous underachiever and favorite butt of jokes. Why his sudden interest in such a lightweight politician?

It’s up to Lars Uxbridge, the senator’s disloyal staffer, to find out, after he joins a network of political spies. What Lars discovers is a secret far beyond anything other state reps can muster. To get ahead in politics, Frannie’s got something better than snappy slogans, wealthy donors, and door-to-door volunteers.

She’s got a time machine.

Frannie shows that when you’re armed with time travel, you’re the star athlete in a game where the world is your playing field, you make your own rules, and you always beat the shot clock.

But as Frannie will learn, this game has opponents to contend with. Rivals who might not play fair. When the prizes are enormous power, money, and control of time itself, watch out for cheat moves and low blows…

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Jennifer's Review
It's a very good book. I liked it very much.  
It's about a man named Lars who is recruited by a businessman named Mr. Fix to dig up dirt on a woman named Frannie.  He spies on her and what he discovers shocks him, so he soon follows her while she is out doing her job. 
What she does, you will have to read to find out. 
Soon, something happens and the two of them start to work together. What happens next?
Video game lovers will like this book, as will fans of time travel.
5 stars for this book.

Author Bio
Irish and American author LeVar Ravel specializes in fantasy stories, and he also works in other categories like science fiction and literary realism.

By himself, he writes for general audiences. A talented team of co-authors helps him write for specific age groups, including children's novelist L.L. Keets, as well as Sam Summerlee, who writes for older readers.

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