Share Me, Book 2: Bull's Eye
by Evelyn Vox


GENRE: Erotic Romance



I made a deal with the devil. A devil named Derek Drake. He makes my husband watch as he uses 
me to satisfy his carnal desires. I love it, and that terrifies me. Because this bargain only works if they 
are willing to share me. I don't know what I'll do when they decide they've had enough of our deal. 
I'm not sure I can choose between them.

Brian loves watching me pleasure his wife in ways he never could. But the beast inside me is tired 
of sharing my Goddess. I am the one who ignited the dark fire within her. I am the one she answers to. 
Alexandra is mine. I don't see much use for the cuck anymore.

Bull's Eye is a steamy, kinky MMF romance about a cuckold relationship gone awry. 
When the line between lust and love blurs, when the two men sharing her both lay their claim, 
Lexie will have to make the choice of her life: Derek or Brian. 
WARNING: this story is not for the faint of heart. It is a twisted tale of self-discovery about finding light 
in the darkest corners of the heart. It has hard BDSM and an open marriage where the boundaries 
are pushed to the breaking point. Read at your own risk.





The beast purred in predatory delight. Slamming the door behind me, I advanced, ready to pounce. 
She had the audacity to grin at me. It seemed this long-distance relationship had made her forget 
her lessons.

Sea-green eyes that I could drown in consumed me. I caged her in my arms, looming down, 
trying to be menacing. But damn, Alexandra, she was here. In the flesh, at last. I leaned in closer, 
inhaling her delicious scent like vanilla, the one I’d missed every day. I held her chin and devoured 
her mouth.

She was so sweet, her lips so perfect, that tongue divine as it danced with mine. I took my time 
drinking her in, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more. I took her fingers just to hold her hand to my cheek. 
I closed my eyes and seared this moment in my memory forever. I needed this. I needed her. All of her.

Alexandra’s forehead bumped against mine. My chest tightened, the sensation as overwhelming 
as the painful throbbing between my legs. The beast raked its claws in impatience, pulling me out 
of the stupor of our reunion. I pushed her back against the wall.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, ” I breathed, staring into those gorgeous eyes. The fear, the desire that 
filled them, was enough to make me drunk on her. “And what happens to bad, disobedient, little brats?”

“We get punished,” she whispered.

“Exactly,” I said, unable to stop the grin from splitting my face.

This was going to be so much fun. 


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Evelyn lives in Brooklyn, and some might be so bold as to call her a *gasp* hipster. 
When she's not busy ordering a craft beer or drinking kombucha, she works part-time at a wellness 
center. No matter what she's doing, her mind lives full-time in smutland, always thinking of new ways 
to torture those hunky Alpha males and the ladies they love to play with. Her spirit animal is a bear 
and she watches way too many puppy videos on Instagram. Her husband is just the best. 
She loves him lots and is very lucky he puts up with her.



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