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The Cornelius Saga by Tanya R. Taylor - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The Cornelius Saga Book 1
by Tanya R. Taylor

YA Paranormal Mystery

***No cliffhangers in this series.***

No.1 Best-seller

"The very first instance of a haunted house story making me cry."

- Reviewer

Go on a mysterious adventure with Wade and Mira Cullen, two teenagers
who stumbled upon a house with a troubled history and a wandering soul.

Thirteen-year-old Mira is very unhappy at home. She hates the way her father treats her
mother, a woman who practically worships the ground he walks on. 

But things are about to change.

One day, Mira and her brother head out to explore a large, wooded area near their
home. They are unaware that their innocent adventure will open up the
bowels of history in a most uncanny way. Shortly after their
exploration, an uninvited guest invades their personal space and
unsure of what to do, Mira turns to the one source that is bound to
have all the answers--a rather unlikely source.

The Plot:

  • A Plantation owner / Slave master
  • Forbidden romance/Affairs
  • Betrayal 
    A brutal history
  • An unexpected visitor
  • Paranormal activity

Welcome to the strange world of the Cullen family.

Next book in this stand-alone series is 'Revenge of Cornelius' where you
meet adorable six-year-old, Rosie, who sees a tall, "friendly"
man, but doesn't realize that she's in the pathway of an angry ghost
with revenge on his mind. 


**.99 Cents on Amazon!**

Cornelius' Revenge
The Cornelius Saga Book 2

A frightened child. A fearless grandfather. A heart-stopping conclusion!

Sequel to the No. 1 bestseller CORNELIUS.

Six-year-old Rosie sees a tall, "friendly" man, but doesn't realize that
she's in the pathway of a sinister entity with revenge on his mind.

"My God! This can't be happening!" Andrea exclaimed, worrying less
about Theo's odd behavior and more about the child's sudden
disappearance. "We have to find her!"

After returning home for a family visit, Mira Cullen finds herself in front
of the old Ferguson house again - a place she has blatantly avoided
since the entire life-altering experience of fifteen years earlier.
The only thing is...there are new residents now, but not the kind she
would have ever expected to see.

Her six-year-old daughter, Rosie, has an incredible bond with her
grandfather, but no one ever dreams that the little girl will be the
bait an angry ghost uses to settle a score long overdue. She is in
terrible danger and the love of her grandfather will be tested to the
highest extreme.

The Ferguson House

  • A Heart-wrenching History
  • An Innocent Child
  • Unlikely Inhabitants
  • The Haunting
  • The HUNTED!

Don't be afraid. It's just...Them.

**FREE on Amazon**

The Cornelius Saga Book 3

Not all children are innocent -- at least not in this story!

Dark, disturbing secrets involving a strange little girl begin to surface.
Mira knows that something isn't quite right. 

After being bullied on the first day at her new school, Rosie Cullen has
found a new friend in a mysterious loner named Cara. Rosie knows her
only by her first name, but feels she has an obligation to be there
for her in an otherwise lonely existence. Mira, Rosie’s gifted
mother, allows the budding friendship for a time, but soon senses
that things are NOT what they appear to be.

The Cullens will eventually discover that what they initially thought was
a worthy deed has turned out to be an unforgettable nightmare.

"I took care of things," Cara replied casually. "I had no
choice. Besides, they deserved it."

We See No Evil
The Cornelius Saga Book 4

Clyde was now standing a little more than a foot away from him and wondered
why the boy didn’t look quite like… the boy.

**Another exciting adventure in this best-selling series! 

Mira and Rosie Cullen can't help but attract the undead, but in this spooky tale, 

a mere black-out can mean the difference between life and death. 

Will the Cullens be doomed or will Mira and Rosie uncover
the harrowing mystery just in time?

The Contract
The Cornelius Saga Book 5

Three times, Daniel Smith tried to commit suicide, but failed miserably.
Will his survival point to something truly sinister? Would he have
been better off dead?

Many "well-to-do" people have had depressing thoughts and
suicidal tendencies -- not knowing who to turn to or confide in. They
believe an outward show of success will solve their problems and
subdue their inner demons, but "achieving it all" and
"having it all" fail to erase that nagging emotional pain.
Daniel J. Smith tried a few times to end his life, but failed, and
finally he thought: "Maybe there's a reason I'm still here".
Read his troubling story in 'THE CONTRACT: Murder in The Bahamas',
book 5 of the Cornelius Saga Series.

* * *
Mira Cullen is prompted to fly out to The Bahamas to meet a man her
brother Wade must introduce her to. Daniel Smith believes it's
providence that a chance encounter with Wade has resulted in him
meeting the one person who could possibly bring to light and put to
rest an age-old mystery involving his beloved mother. Smith, a
product of "the contract", which took place decades earlier
-- deems it an opportunity that literally sustained the lives of
many, but in whose clutches also stole the life of the one person he
loved more than anything else in the world.

Will Mira's attempt to uncover the truth ultimately grieve the one who
yearns for it? Or will the final discovery prove to be bitter-sweet?

The Lost Children of Atlantis
The Cornelius Saga Book 6

Could these be the ramblings of a nutcase or could this seemingly
far-fetched story about "lost children" actually be true?

Mira Cullen, an attractive young doctor and psychic, meets old, sick,
occasionally delusional Stefanie Brussels. Stefanie claims to know
otherwise unheard-of facts as related to the shocking catastrophe of
long ago where so many had perished, but no one in their right mind
believes her. She also mentions an artifact in her possession that
was dug up over a decade earlier that holds "special powers".
Will Mira take anything she says seriously and if she doesn't, what
is bound to be the outcome?

An alluring tale and for some, an unfathomable mystery.

**.99 cents on Amazon!**

Sunday, July 6th…

“Here, kitty kitty!” Brandon Haygood could have kicked himself for losing sight of his precious cat during their forest walk.

Emerging from the shade of a cluster of tall trees, he came upon a body of water he never knew was there – a long stretch of resplendent liquid as far as his eyes could see. Nothing else was noticed other than a few houses farther down and the vast forest behind him. His beloved Pearl was nowhere in sight.

Looking out at the water, Brandon got the sense that it possessed a mystical quality, and stepping a few feet closer to the water’s edge, that feeling of its esoteric attributes intensified. A hundred yards down the sea shore, little Pearl with her brown and white fur was a mere ten yards away from the water. She could hear the soft, gentle voices summoning her to come closer, and for a short while, she stood and listened as her ears perked forward to their constant call. She soon advanced with several short steps and could hear Brandon calling her now too, but the voices from the water were shamelessly more appealing, more calming, and each second that sailed by, nearly irresistible.

“Hey, kitty kitty!” Brandon started walking down the stretch. There was no way with his Myopia that he could see Pearl from that distance.

Pearl had finally made it to the water’s edge; the summoning still in full force. The water glistened beneath the rays of the sun and barely moved with the light wind.

“Come in!” went a loud whisper that the cat seemed to have clearly understood. One paw hit the water and Pearl pulled back. It wasn’t cold; it just didn’t feel…right. Suddenly, there was a slight ripple of the water and from beneath emerged a head of long, black, straggly, shoulder-length hair, a face hidden beneath and a hand that reached out and grabbed Pearl’s little foreleg and pulled her into the water. The cat’s meow was heard by Brandon a good ways off as the animal was yanked beneath the mysterious sea.

“Kitty?” Brandon squinted his eyes attempting to see farther down. “Is that you, kitty?”

He started in the direction of what he thought was a squeal, then halfway there where the ripple had been, he heard a cat’s meow. Excitement filled his veins; he was sure he was getting closer to his beloved Pearl. He turned his head in the direction of the water again. It seemed to be glistening even brighter in the sun. He thought it looked magical.

“Come!” he heard in a whisper! “Come over here!”

Brandon knew he had heard that beautiful, soft voice as clear as day. He was sure that body of water was somehow beckoning him.


“Kitty! kitty! Where are you?!” He stopped in his tracks, looking more closely at the water as far out as his eyes would permit. He was sure he had heard his cat’s cry from somewhere in the midst of it. Standing there, he felt a strange gravitationand slowly, he advanced to the water’s edge. “I’m coming for you, kitty. Don’t be afraid.”

He stepped in and immediately something grabbed his ankle and he was pulled under. His brown hat alone remained on the seashore.

Tanya R. Taylor is the author of several #1 bestsellers on Amazon. She has
been writing ever since she can remember holding a pencil and
published her first book titled: 'A Killing Rage' as a young adult.

She has worked in the Financial arena and is also a seasoned ghostwriter.
Her book 'Cornelius' climbed to #1 in the Teen & Young-adult
Multi-generational Family Fiction category. And her supernatural,
suspense/thriller - 'INFESTATION: A Small Town Nightmare' is a
multiple times #1 international bestseller.

Tanya R. Taylor writes in various genres including: Paranormal Romance,
Fantasy, Thrillers, Science-fiction, Mystery and Suspense.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

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  1. Congrats on the tour and thank you for the excerpt and giveaway. I appreciate the opportunity to win.

  2. Wow what a big tour and Congrats thank you for the chance!


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