Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Hands of Ruin by Dylan Lee Peters - Guest Blogger Book Review

In a lakeside village amid the forests of Ferren, a young girl has been disfigured by a dark and mysterious presence. Only zul masters—those who use a mystical red dust called zulis—have the skill to vanquish such nightmares, and so now a master must be chosen.

On Earth, fourteen-year-old twins, Zigmund and Zerah, are sent to live with their uncle, Rainart, after their parents’ untimely deaths. Rainart is an abrasive drunk with a limp, and a secretive past. Yet, his secrets quickly come to light with astounding tension as the twins learn of his time in a land far away, and his possession of a mysterious and powerful red dust.

Book one of The Hands of Ruin begins a saga of two worlds and the individuals who bind those worlds together. It is a story both visionary and deeply emotional, rife with action, mystery, and vivid imagination. Blending fantasy and science fiction with passion, morality, and drama, The Hands of Ruin has all the makings of a true epic.

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Jennifer's Review
It’s a very good book so far, and I truly enjoyed reading it. 
It’s about a girl named Ah’Rhea who wishes to be a Zul master. She practices working with Zul , which is a special dust that can do wonderful things. She is soon summoned to another Zul master’s cave where she is told amazing things, especially about the black butterflies that have done something so sickening that it’s impossible to believe, before the woman passes away. 
Then the author starts another section about a young boy and his sister, Zerah and Zigmund, who are forced to live with their crazy uncle who knows about Zul, and after allowing his niece to try some wine, he soon learns that she can use Zul. 
He takes them out on a lake and does something awful. What does he do? What is Zul, exactly, and is it good or bad? What happens to Ah’Rhea? What is going to happen in book 2? 
Read book one first, then find out later what happens when the story continues in book two.
Five stars!
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