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The Secrets Series by D.B. James - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Secrets #1
by D.B. James

Romantic Suspense

Rhys lives a life of solitude — one he’s perfectly content with. That
is until his friend Vinny is found murdered. There are secrets and
half-truths at every corner, but he’s determined to find out what happened. 

Averill is exactly where she wants to be in life after years of running.
She’s opened her own boutique and can finally breathe again. She
thought she was safe… until her world collides with the dark
shadows of Rhys’. 

When he unknowingly puts her in the path of a serial killer, will he be
able to protect her? Even if it means becoming the killer he’s
trained to be?

Secrets #1.5

Wishes and dreams were two things Averill was always taught to not put too
much stock in, but here she is, just days away from marrying her
childhood crush. Everything is perfect—that is, if you don’t
count the unwanted (but loved) houseguest, her delay in asking her
father to give her away, the grueling task of unraveling the mystery
behind Rhys’ letters, and the looming feeling that something is missing in her life. 
When it finally hits her just what it is, she knows she’ll have an uphill battle to get everyone 
on board. They’ll say it’s too soon, will say she’s insane, but she knows it’s what she wants. 

She’s just hoping Rhys will too. 

Secrets #2

I am Brant Ashley, and this is my truth. 
I am a liar. 

For nearly a decade, I’ve withheld the truth from my best friend, whom
I consider to be a brother. The lies I told him aren’t the only
lies I’ve been telling. 
My whole life is a lie. 
I am a killer. 
Think I’m lying? Yeah, most people would side with you. I’m good at
covering my deceit with more lies. People think they know me, but no
one truly does. 
Except for her. 
She’s the first person to ever see me clearly, to see through my lies to
the truth hidden behind my steel blue eyes. 
I am Brant Ashley, and this is my truth.

D.B. James is an indie author of new adult romance and romantic suspense.
In her spare time, she’s an avid reader. Colleen Hoover, Tarryn
Fisher, Teagan Hunter, KA Tucker, Linda Kage, Renee Carlino, Jennifer
Armentrout, Sarah J Maas, and Samantha Young are a few of her
obsessions. She is a mother to one spoiled rotten fur baby named
Frasier. He’s a bicolored Persian cat who thinks he’s royalty and
can’t be told otherwise. She’s a Michigan girl through and
through but currently resides in sunny Florida. Sarcasm, Supernatural
(team Sam!), Harry Potter, and coffee are among her favorite things.

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