Post-Apocalyptic / Horror 
Date Published: 1 April 2018
Publisher: Landmark Media

Werewolves run wild in London. Riots grip the city as vigilantes and protesters take to the streets. 
The Prime Minister is determined to contain the disease before it spreads further. She fights back ruthlessly with all the tools of government at her disposal.
But Leanna’s plans are only just beginning to unfold. The leader of the werewolves and her army of Wolf Brothers are already one step ahead of the authorities.
And for the ordinary people caught up in the conflict, daily life becomes a fight for survival.
WOLF MOON injects an original and exhilarating new twist into the werewolf genre.

My Review

Wolf Moon is the sequel to Wolf Blood, and boy, it's a doozy. 
The story picks up immediately after the first book ends, so if you haven't read book one, you probably should do that like ASAP. Trust me. You won't regret it. 

Wolf Moon follows a variety of characters from the first book as they deal with the current werewolf apocalypse. You've got Leanna, who's deemed herself Queen of the Werewolves. She and her biker gang of wolves, aptly named The Wolf Brothers, are hell-bent on infecting as many people as possible so they can take over and rule the world. The time of humans is over, according to her.

Then you've got Liz, a policewoman who is trying to deal with what happened to her in the first book. Will she turn when the full moon rises again? 

James, a werewolf who betrayed his kind, according to Leanna, is determined not to kill anyone ever again. But when his new friends are threatened, he'll have to make a choice: kill or be killed.

Add in Rose and Vijay, Chris and Seth, and Melanie and Ben, and you've got yourself an interesting cast of characters who are trying to survive not only the werewolves, but the insanity that seems to have taken over everywhere. 

The government is adamant that they can keep this new disease from spreading. The newly formed Neighborhood Watch believes they can play God. And the rioters and protesters think they can take on anyone and everyone.

Wolf Moon is just as intense as Wolf Blood, if not more so. It's a crazy ride through the depths of hell, and not everyone is going to survive this one.

I really liked the way the story played out, and the ending left me wanting more. I'm definitely looking forward to a third book.

Although werewolves are horrifying to me, and I normally avoid anything involving them because of my deep-seated fear (thanks, Stephen King!), I can't recommend this series enough. Seriously. So good.

If you enjoy your horror to be visceral and in your face, then you definitely need to check out the Lycanthropic books. You won't be disappointed.

Steve Morris has been a nuclear physicist, and a dot com entrepreneur, and is now the author of the Lycanthropic werewolf apocalypse series. He lives in Oxford, England.

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