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A Bloodline's Echo by M.R. Pilot - Book Tour + Giveaway

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A Bloodline’s Echo
The Avadi Series

Book One

M. R. Pilot

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Romance

Date of Publication: December 29, 2017

ISBN: 1976766052

Number of pages: 330
Word Count: 98K

Cover Artist: Illustration - JDSarte
Typography - Rebeca

Tagline: A missing father. A handsome stranger. A feud within the Avadi. Cori will find out who she is in this tale of romance and adventure.

Book Description:

Eighteen-year-old Cori has been tucked into a corner of Verbena her entire life. With no memory of a father and an abusive mother, her escape came in the form of living and working in her town’s inn, a place that happens to be owned by her best friend. Cori was all but resigned to the uneventful and dutiful life as a barkeep.

That is, until a hooded stranger showed up—just in time to witness an incident Cori herself cannot believe—and changed everything. Now Cori must leave Sagebrush, the only place she has ever known, setting off to discover love, adventure, heartbreak, and more about herself and the world she lives in than she could have ever imagined.

I repeat the
process again. My mind is still, and this time it’ll stay that way. I direct my
energy until it’s where I want it: pulsating on the outermost portion of my
palms. I sense where my emotions have been placed, set aside during Stillness
of Mind. I realize my mistake was immediately dipping into the emotion at the
forefront of my mind—fear—and its corresponding memories. This time, I choose
to focus on serenity.
The first moon
spent sleeping in the little room of the Oak Hand—the first moon of my life I
felt free, and the first moon in a long while when I slept soundly. I let this
feeling infuse itself, essentially opening the gate holding back channeled
energy. I feel the room become warm, but not uncomfortably hot; it’s
reminiscent of a soft blanket under a chilled sky.
Curious, I dip
into another emotion. I realize that my father is not coming back, and I let
the sorrow of abandonment pour out. Quickly following are innumerable memories
of Faye’s lashing out: striking me whenever the thought occurred, screaming
until I longed to be devoid of hearing, and breaking whatever she thought to be
of value to me.

I let the
feelings of rejection, anger, frustration, and pain fuse together, and I
channel it outwards. I channel it as if I wanted to expel these moments

About the Author:

M. R. Pilot is an avid reader, coffee-drinker and animal lover. When she’s not cleaning teeth, she’s partaking in Alaskan hikes, watching anime, relentless page-turning and/or keyboard clicking. She loves to talk about any of those things for an indiscriminate amount of time—feel free to reach out if you do, too.

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  1. Jasmine,

    Thanks so much for the book highlight today 😊

    All the best,

    M. R. Pilot


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