TITLE: Crazy Cat Lady

RELEASE DATE: February 23, 2018

AUTHOR: Kitty De’ Chatfou

KEYWORDS: horror, cats, crazy, old ladies, witch, magick, magic, occult, Seth, demon cats, demons, old house, country, backwoods horror, Sampson County, North Carolina, Godwin NC, stillborn, wisewoman, witch hunt

CATEGORIES: Horror/Occult

SYNOPSIS: In 1962, they thought she was dead. All they had to do was burn the old house down, with her and those damnable cats in it, and everything would be normal again. No more odd antics from the Crazy Cat Lady. No more death. But what they didn't realize is there was much more to her relationship with her beloved cats than met the eye. Love, trust, and the bonds of a mother to her children all played a part in the insanity the townspeople thought raged within the crone's mind.

It's now 2018 and the stories have not ceased. Instead, it seems the legend of the 'Crazy Cat Lady' has grown more horrifying than ever before, prompting the local children to take a visit. Most have only come within a few feet of the old, half-burned house. They would stand, staring at the place, watching the creepy cats mill about the area, climbing along porch railings meowing plaintively. But three high school boys decide to take it a bit further one night, which begins a horrifying look into what happens when nature is misunderstood and an old crone that never harmed anyone is now out for revenge.

ONE LINER: A horrifying look into what happens when nature is misunderstood and an old crone that harmed no one is now out for revenge.

ISBN: 978-1984927071

IMPRINT: Dark Serpent

My Review

Crazy Cat Lady has a great cover, first off. I love the creepy vibe it gives off, and that's one of the things that drew me in almost immediately. The second thing was the synopsis. I loved the idea of an old 'crazy cat lady' being a witch who has more secrets than you'd expect. I knew I wanted to read this book.

Let me start off with the pros:
  •  The cover, of course, is a definite draw. Very creepy, and gives a sense of what you might expect inside the book. 
  • The synopsis leaves enough to the imagination and makes you curious about what could possibly happen between those pages.
  • The story is a short read. It's less than 100 pages, and it shouldn't take you more than an hour or so to read. As a mom with a crazy, off-the-wall toddler, that's a pro for me. I liked being able to finish the book while my son napped.
  • The story, overall, has potential. It's short, as I said, but it's also creepy and strange. I liked that it was set in a very small town, and everyone knew of the legend of the 'Crazy Cat Lady'. 
And now for the cons:
  • The story is in serious need of some editing. There were a lot of mistakes in the book. Punctuation, wrong words used, run-on sentences, etc. As someone who edits and proofreads for authors, this disappointed me. The story itself is good and fits in the horror genre nicely, but it needs some polishing to make it shine.
  • I actually wanted a little more. While I did find the shortness of the story to be a pro, it was also a little bit of a con, too, because I ended up enjoying it quite a bit and wanted to know what would happen after... well, I won't spoil it.
Overall, I did like Crazy Cat Lady, and I'm looking forward to more stories set in Sampson County. I do hope it gets edited so it can properly shine in the horror genre.
If you enjoy horror and the occult, definitely check this one out. I give Crazy Cat Lady 3.5 stars.

AUTHOR BIO: Kitty Honeycutt is the single mother of an amazing daughter whom she currently home school’s. She is a publisher for over 100 authors, a writer, an entrepreneur, a singer and an animal and human rights activist.

Her household is comprised of various creatures that include, but are not limited to:

Two Chihuahua’s (Lobo) & (Tinkerbell) Thirteen cats (Merlin), (Pandra), (Salem), (Mythian), (Sabrina), (Austin), (Mestofelees), (Sage), (Zoey, aka Jadis), (Willow Pixie), (Totoro aka Tiny), (Clementine) & (Sandy) Five fish, (Pumpkin), (Thing 2), & (Orca the Oscar Fish) One Ball Python, (Dragon), Four Bearded Dragons, (Rexie), (Chubby aka Kingsley), (Samantha) & (Georgia) One Crested Gecko, (Copper) Two Uromastyx, (Mary) & (Elizabeth) Two Aquatic Turtles, (Purple) & (Myrtle) and eleven babies that have yet to be named. One Desert Tortoise, (Bubble).

*As you can see she is also a part-time zoo-keeper.*

She sometimes writes under the pseudonym Kitty 'de Chatfou and her book “Pray For Hell” is due out later this year 2018, and will be her second published work.

EMAIL: author.kitty.honeycutt@gmail.com