Monday, April 30, 2018

Ella's Triple Pleasure by Anna Lores - Book Tour + Giveaway

Ella's Triple Pleasure
by Anna Lores

Erotic Contemporary Romance

It takes three men to satisfy one woman’s needs…

Single mom and massage therapist Ella Winthrop isn’t looking for a
relationship. She has enough problems without risking a business that
barely meets her needs. Then her world is turned upside down by three
men, each offering something she isn’t prepared for—love so deep
it hurts, sex so hot she’s afraid she’ll melt from the pleasure,
and a future beyond her wildest dreams.

Steamy businessman Cade Jackson has it all—money, looks, a giving heart,
and a dominant nature—but Ella refuses to date a client even if
she’s lusted after him for a year. After his brother’s death,
Garrett Winthrop moves back to town opening old wounds and even
darker fantasies. Dr. Derek McGregor gives her balance and
understanding that speaks to her soul. All three men force Ella to
question the limits of a traditional relationship.

**On sale for .99 cents!!**

Anna started writing romance as a by-product of insomnia. After a year of
late night reading, she borrowed her son's laptop after he went to
bed and set about breathing life to her very own characters. After a
month, she was surprised with a new laptop of her own to pursue her dreams. 

With a B.A. in English Literature and a desire to fill her world with wonderful
stories she and her close friends could not just talk about, but gush
over, she shed her job as mom of three in the midnight hours and
began her journey into the publishing world. 

Now, Anna is a multi-published author of spicy contemporary and paranormal romance.

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