Rescuing Annabeth
Team Cerberus Book 2
by Melissa Kay Clarke

Military Romantic Suspense

The biggest book exposition of the year is just around the corner and
literary agent Annabeth Switcher is feeling the pressure. Between
babysitting her newest client hell-bent on making her miserable and
taking care of the thousands of little things that require her
attention, she doesn't have time for a personal life. No matter how
much a certain Navy SEAL enters her thoughts.

Levi "Hick" Salter spotted the curvy redhead beauty at a
friend's wedding. She is vivacious, brassy and so full of life, he's
drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Even though they live on
opposite sides of the country, their mutual attraction is too much to
resist. Thus begins a long distance relationship for these "friends
with benefits." They can't be more - he's committed to his duty
and she's got her own life. Phone calls and the occasional meet up is
the best they can hope for.

The Navy combines Hick's team with the one headed by Matthew "Wolf"
Steel to hunt down a terrorist cell intent on bring down Western
culture. While Hick is out trying to save the world from fanatics,
Annabeth's concentrating on insuring her clients have a smooth
convention. Neither knew their two worlds would collide so violently.

When the cell sets their sights on the literary exposition, Hick must
rally the SEALs to save the day and his curvy bombshell. Nothing else
matters but Rescuing Annabeth.

This is a full length novel and incorporates the entire SEAL team from
Susan Stoker's Seal Of Protection series. 

TEAM CERBERUS (Each story is complete with its own HEA)

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"Levi? Oh, thank God. Are you alright? I saw the video, and it about scared the life out of me. Where are you? Is everyone okay?"
He couldn't help but smile even though she was rambling. She was so damn cute. It didn't escape his notice that she had called him by his given name. She tended to do that when she was upset or worried.
"Slow down, Georgia. Yeah, I'm alright. We're a little beat up, but the team made it through."
"They said there were some casualties."
He blew out a breath. "We lost four brothers from another team."
"Oh my! I'm so sorry."
"Yeah, me too. "
"But you're alright?"
He heard the trepidation in her voice and hurried to reassure her. "Yes." He didn't like withholding the truth from her, but he knew she would freak out right now. It would be better to wait until they were alone before he told her about his wound. He didn't want her upset when there was nothing he could do right now to calm her.
She obviously didn't buy it. Annabeth paused a few moments. "I want to Skype."
Hick blinked slowly. "Skype? Now? Right now? Why? I'm not home yet."
Her voice took on an exasperated tone. "Yes, now, so you can strip, and I can see for myself you aren't hurt."
He choked. Behind him, Hick heard someone snort. Turning his head, he saw Toad watching him. "You do it, I swear to God, I'm filming it and putting it on YouTube."
Ignoring him, he turned back to the conversation. "That wouldn't be a good idea, Georgia. The stripping part is definitely not a good idea right now."
"Is it because you're hiding something?"
"No, honey, it's because I'm on an airplane with ten guys who wouldn't appreciate me showing my Sunday best."
"You got that shit right!" Finch yelled out
Railroad joined in. "He strips, out he goes."
"Sorry. You'll have to take my word I'm okay."
Toad leaned in and shouted, "Yeah, besides the bullet hole isn't very big. He's had worse."
"Bullet hole? You got shot?" Annabeth screeched.
Putting his hand over his mouthpiece, he glared at Toad. "Thanks a lot, brother."
"Anytime," he smirked then winked. Dropping back into his seat, Toad pulled out his cell and began playing a game.

Saving Olivia
Team Cerberus Book 1

Two million people disappear into human trafficking every year. Olivia
Parker would never have believed she could be one of them. Born to a
barely functional mother and caring for her dependent brother, Olivia
was determined to make their future better than their troubled past.
Instead, she finds herself thrown into a nightmare from which she cannot awaken

Navy Seal, Grayson "Bruiser" Titus, abandoned as a baby, creates
a family with his SEAL team. He would do anything for them and knows
they would do the same. However, something is missing - could he find
it with the intriguing beautiful sister of Jayden Parker? Meeting
Olivia feels like looking at his future wrapped in a pair of deep hazel eyes.

Bruiser's team would follow him into the pits of hell. It only stands to reason
when Olivia disappears they rally around him. Being SEALs meant they
often battled the worse dregs of humanity for God and Country.

However, this is personal.

Saving her is a one-in-a-million long shot, but they will do whatever it
takes to bring her home. The only question is: will it be in time to
save both body and mind or will her new reality finally break her spirit?

** Warning - Contains adult subject matter **

Protecting Joselyn
Team Cerberus Book 0

For three terrifying years, Joselyn Kendrik lived a half-life in Witness
Protection hiding from a serial murderer and rapist nicknamed 'The
Gardener'. After he was killed while placing a slashed teddy bear
dressed as her on her father's grave, she could finally look forward
to some normalcy in her life. Her newfound peace is shattered a year
later when she receives a sinister gift eerily similar to others sent
by The Gardener. Although assured by the police it is a copycat, she
isn't as confident. Regardless of his identity, her stalker has made
one thing perfectly clear; he's set his sights on her and nothing
will stop him.

Maddox "River" Benson is looking in the rear-view mirror at a
twenty-year career with the Navy SEALs. Contemplating an uncertain
future, River jumps at the chance to assist an old friend in the New
Orleans Police Department. There is an unknown stalker zeroing in on
an innocent young woman. Although there is only so much the police
can do officially, River isn't as restricted. Protecting Joselyn is
his only priority.

Joselyn's schedule is a bane to River's security strategy. The feisty beauty is
intent on pursuing her budding career regardless of her sexy
bodyguard's advice. Although their opinions clash in the beginning,
the escalating threats force them to come to a compromise. He must
trust her with freedom and she must trust him with her life.
Meanwhile, the growing attraction between them creates an entirely
different set of issues. 

How can he concentrate on protecting Joselyn when thoughts of claiming
her for his own continually distract him?

When her stalker draws closer, will one ex-SEAL have what it takes to
ensure her survival? 

Will River be able to Protect Joselyn?

Melissa was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and raised in Houlka, a small rural
town forty-five minutes southwest down the famous Natchez Trace. She
found a love of reading very early and quickly devoured everything
she could. Told repeatedly that she had a wonderful imagination, she
turned to scribbling her musings and wrote her first novel while in
college. It was never published and has since vanished. The death of
a close friend who aspired to become an author reawakened her own
desire resulting in penning her first book, Shattered Dreams,
published in 2013.

Melissa now resides in Meridian, Mississippi with her supportive family –
husband, Robert and daughter Rebecca, two cats, and two dogs. When
she isn't writing, she spends way too much time with her online
friends and feeding her ravenous appetite for the written word.

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