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Beacuse of Him by Ava Danielle - Book Blitz

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Because of Him the lies nearly destroyed more than a fire.
I lost everything I thought meant more to me than life itself including the man I loved. Sitting at my lowest I made it up the ladder. Traveling for work to make it there. Only to find myself face to face with the past.
He came back to me. The man that once made my heart flutter. Giving me the missing piece of my puzzle. Giving me the hope and love I needed to make it through.
Because of Him I found love.
Because of Him I found strength.
Because of Him I found happiness.
But because of him I will also lose what has always been mine.

Author Bio
Ava Danielle is married, with four rambunctious children, that loves to laugh and have fun. She’s sarcastic, witty, and uses way too many curse words. She grew up around the military and it’s all she’s ever known. She’s currently a stay at home mom that is living overseas. She loves to hang out with her friends, read, and dream of fictional characters. Wine, Pinterest, and Spotify are part of her daily life.
Writing has become her escape from daily life and chores.

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