Author: Stephen Zimmer
Featured Book Release:
Depths of Night
May 21 to May 27, 2018

About the author: Stephen Zimmer is an award-winning author and filmmaker based out of Lexington Kentucky. His works include the Rayden Valkyrie novels (Sword and Sorcery), the Rising Dawn Saga (Cross Genre), the Fires in Eden Series (Epic Fantasy), the Hellscapes short story collections (Horror), the Chronicles of Ave short story collections (Fantasy), the Harvey and Solomon Tales (Steampunk), and the forthcoming Faraway Saga (YA Dystopian/Cross-Genre).

Stephen’s visual work includes the feature film Shadows Light, shorts films such as The Sirens and Swordbearer, and the forthcoming Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart TV Pilot.

Stephen is a proud Kentucky Colonel who also enjoys the realms of music, martial arts, good bourbons, and spending time with family.

Book Synopsis for Depths of Night: After a harrowing end to a long sea journey, the famed northern warrior Ragnar Stormbringer and a force of warriors step ashore in the lands of the Petranni, a tribal people known for their workings in silver and gold. The search for plunder takes a sharp turn when homesteads, villages, and temple sites show signs of being recently abandoned.

When it is discovered that the Petranni have all taken refuge within a massive stronghold, Ragnar and the others soon fall under the shadow of an ancient, deadly adversary. Wielding his legendary war axe Raven Caller, Ragnar finds his strength tested like never before.

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Top Ten Favorite Authors
By Stephen Zimmer

I have loved the work of a great number of authors over the years.  Many have been influences in one way or another, so it is not easy for me to declare my top 10.  The list does change a little at times, but there are a few names that I think will always be there.
The names on this list have taught me, inspired me, entertained me, and encouraged me.  As such, I have a heartfelt gratitude toward all of them. 
In this list, I also wanted to give some insights to each of them as to why they made the cut!
So, without further delay, let’s begin! 😊
J.R.R Tolkien
J.R.R. Tolkien I did put on top of the list for a reason.  Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were the authors who lit the fire in me when it comes to fantasy fiction.  My mother read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy to me when I was just seven and it had a profound effect that lasts to this day.  I continue to re-read The Hobbit and the Trilogy, and I perceive new things within them every time.
C.S. Lewis
After my mother read me Tolkien’s works, she bought me a paperback set of the entire Chronicles of Narnia series.  If Tolkien kindled the first flames, the Chronicles of Narnia fanned them into an inferno! A beautiful body of work that inspired, entertained, and resonated.  I have also continued to reread these to this day, and as I have gained more life experience I have uncovered even more depth to these books.  Truly exceptional.  I also love Lewis’ other works, from the Space Trilogy to the Screwtape Letters to his non-fiction pieces.   
Robert E. Howard
Robert E. Howard is a true master of heroic fantasy and sword and sorcery.  His stories of Conan the Barbarian are a must-read for any reader of action-driven fantasy fiction.  A true icon of the pulp era, Howard’s influence is profound on many of the great fantasy writers of today.
R.A. Salvatore
Very few authors can choreograph a fight scene like R.A. Salvatore.  My favorite works of his involve the dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden.  Reflective. Intellectual.  A tremendous warrior.  Honorable.  Truly, it baffles me as to why Drizzt Do’Urden movies have not been made.
Clive Barker
Clive Barker had a big impact on me.  His prose is cinematic.  His work is evocative, visceral, and macabre, in a way that keeps a reader spellbound.  Barker has an innate ability to gain sympathy for what appears to be a monster, at first look, and show the beauty inside things that have a frightening appearance.  This iconoclasm underscores a free and open intellect in Barker and was a big part of what drew me to his writing (along with his fantastic ability to paint a picture with words).
George R.R Martin
While I get turned off a bit by the pervading nihilism in Martin’s work, I love his prose and his ability to weave stories with ensemble casts.  It is not an easy thing to tell a story through 8, 9, or more character threads, but Martin does it brilliantly.
Robert A. Heinlein
Heinlein is, without a doubt, one of the greatest science fiction authors of all time.  He is a masterful storyteller who has great intellectual depth to his work.  A champion of individual freedom, Heinlein’s themes resonate very strongly with me, and he demonstrates that you can portray such themes within the context of a very engaging, entertaining story.
David Gemmell
David Gemmell is one of the most under-appreciated speculative fiction authors out there, in my opinion.  Like Howard, he is a master of writing heroic characters.  He is also exceptional at weaving spiritual undercurrents into his work, in ways that make for powerful emotional scenes that you often do not see coming.  He was anything but a nihilist, and the hope that infused his works really drew me to his tales. 
Ayn Rand
Hardened from seeing and escaping the horrific atmosphere of early Soviet Russia, with all of its purges, executions, imprisonments, and suffering, Ayn hard a harder, defiant edge to her characters.  To me, she demonstrated the depth of philosophy that could be presented within a fictional work.  Whether or not one agrees with Ayn Rand’s world view, it cannot be denied that her work is powerful and demonstrates how fiction can explore intellectual themes and philosophy. 
Paulo Coelho
A magnificent writer, Paulo Coelho’s work has a tremendous depth to it.  The subtle spiritual undercurrents in his stories, the wisdom, and the growth of his characters on very personal journeys are both enlightening and inspirational.  You come away from a Coelho book like The Alchemist or The Valkyries: An Encounter With Angels feeling refreshed in an interior sense.

That wraps upp the list!  I hope that you have enjoyed my top 10 favorite writers!  Thank you for reading!

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