To save his presidency and assure re-election, an arrogant, power-hungry president must end his illegal connections with a terrorist leader before that leader follows through on his threat to make public their relationship. Gunnery Sergeant Zach Hinson and Sergeant First Class Jason Jones, sniper team D.O.G., are ordered to assassinate the terrorist leader, but for the president, it is not enough.

Fearful the sniper team will let slip their involvement, the president agrees to the unthinkable and makes a deal with another terrorist. But, his effort to save his presidency becomes a war when it is learned the man with whom he has colluded has failed to act on his agreement.

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Jennifer's Review
It’s a very good book that, at first, I was not sure I would be interested in reading, but after a few chapters I began to enjoy it. 
It’s about two best friends who are snipers. They are ordered to fly to Afghanistan to kill a terrorist leader. They soon find themselves under siege and are forced to flee for their lives. 
Who ordered the terrorist killed? What happened that the snipers have to flee? Do they escape? What happens afterwards? 
This is a good book for anyone who likes to read about military, army, or snipers. 
4 stars!