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Glimpses of Wilderness by Lee Ann Ward - Book Tour + Giveaway

Glimpses of Wilderness
The Glimpses Series Book 1
by Lee Ann Ward

YA Romance

No nightmares about my dad’s car crashing or my sister’s tiny face
vanishing in a window of red. No, not anymore. Now when I sleep I
fall into an expanse of frozen wilderness, the other life I’ve lived…

The one I’ve lived with him.

Anna experiences vivid dreams from a past-life she lived in the 1800s with
her husband Robert and their children in the wilderness of the
Michigan Territory. Much like her own mother grieving the man and
child she lost, Anna can’t simply let go of the memories that haunt her.

But when she runs into Robert in this lifetime, a whirlwind of their past
lives—and deaths—rocks her modern world to the core. What will
she be willing to risk to spend every lifetime with Robert? 

In the twists and turns of “repeating” their lives over and over
through time, Anna must sacrifice everything for a glimpse of
immortal love.

Let's Talk About Kissing...
One of my favorite things about writing YA romance is the kissing! I mean, who doesn't love a good kissing scene, am I right? It's the moment we anticipate most after meeting the heroine and hero in the new story we're reading. My Anna and Robert in GLIMPSES OF WILDERNESS share some delicious kissing scenes...quite steamy, and well worth the wait! But the actual sweetness of kissing sometimes gets lost in the translation, and that's a shame. I always promise myself as a writer to remember the innocence of that first kiss. This is one of my favorite blog posts from about a year ago, and I want to share it with you. Long live the newness of kissing...
Just finished writing a "kissing" scene this morning, and thought I would share something with you. I am a huge fan of Peter Pan (the book, not only the Disney movie that everyone associates Peter Pan with), because there is such beauty in innocence. One of my favorite lines from the book is spoken by Peter, and it is this, "You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you. That's where I'll be waiting."
I also adore the "kissing" scene between Peter and Wendy...
I think it’s perfectly sweet of you,” she declared, “and I’ll get up again,” and she sat with him on the side of the bed. She also said she would give him a kiss if he liked, but Peter did not know what she meant, and he held out his hand expectantly.
Surely you know what a kiss is?” she asked, aghast.
I shall know when you give it to me,” he replied stiffly, and not to hurt his feelings she gave him a thimble.
Now,” said he, “shall I give you a kiss?” and she replied with a slight primness, “If you please.” She made herself rather cheap by inclining her face toward him, but he merely dropped an acorn button into her hand, so she slowly returned her face to where it had been before, and said nicely that she would wear his kiss on the chain around her neck. It was lucky that she did put it on that chain, for it was afterwards to save her life.
The sweetest kissing scene ever written, in my opinion! So, remember people, sometimes kisses are thimbles, and sometimes they're acorn buttons. And they might just save your life...

Lee Ann Ward is an award-winning fiction author with a background in
journalism and mass communications. She is also the former Senior
Editor of Champagne Books. Her love of books started at the age of
three, and she's been addicted ever since. She's published six novels
with her seventh and eighth on the way (SEE a YA paranormal by
Evernight Teen in June 2017 and GLIMPSES OF WILDERNESS a YA romance
by Inkspell Publishing in December 2017) and has written several
more. When she's not writing, she's reading, singing, baking designer
cakes, bowling and dreaming. She's married to Joe (who also happens
to be her publicist) and they have 4 sons whom they adore, and a
granddaughter who is the love of their life. They make their home in
the small fishing community of Bayou La Batre, Alabama.

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