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#MeBeingMe by Challa Fletcher - Book Tour + Giveaway

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by Challa Fletcher

Middle Grade, Coming of Age

Jonathan is getting ready to start 6th grade, but without his best friend. The
issues of growing up are about to become all too real for him,
especially with bullying and labels and all the other pressure that
comes along with growing up. He's hoping his close relationship with
his brothers, his love for treehouses and his passion for comics will
be enough to pull him through the rough patches, but will it?

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“This is a pretty interesting project, Jonathan. It will have incredible results if successful,” Suzie pulled on her ponytail. She followed me pass the sixth and seventh grade hallway. I went to turn onto the elective hall but noticed she had stood in the main hallway. I had no idea what class she could be headed to. She was walking away from our sixth grade designated area.
“Thanks, Suzie. So do you think it can be done. Think we will let go of the labels?” Suzie was pretty smart. If anyone knew if this could even be done, it would be her.
“The probability of this being a successful project is low,” and another pull on her ponytail.
All hope shattered with the sound of low probability.
“Oh,” was all I could muster.
“The likelihood of changing the behavioral habits of prepubescent kids who are functioning on a herd mentality are staggeringly low. Most of us came to the school anticipating some form of labeling. Also, you have to remember mankind has always operated under the notion of categorizing and sorting to improve one's survival rate. This notion is hardwired into our DNA even still to this day. Okay, see you tomorrow,” she wrapped with a smile and the continuous pulling of that single ponytail.
In shock, all I could do was watch Suzie walk down the hall into unfamiliar school territory. I thought she had told me with a high level of certainty that I was wasting my time. That was the single thought that circled my mind as I took my seat in CORE. Mr. Dyson gave me a smile that I was grateful didn’t include a request for a summary of my first meeting. If Mr. Dyson had said anything else to me I would have quit on Suzie’s words alone.

I was born in Colorado Springs, CO as an Army Brat. I have lived all
across this country but unfortunately I don't remember most of it
(hate that). What I do remember is growing up in Detroit and Highland
Park, Michigan, playing in my grandmother's basement that was filled
with books my family bought for me and my sister, pretending to be a
singer, a news anchorwoman, and a writer. Of these, reading and writing stuck.

When I was still very young I moved to Arkansas with my father and sister
and have thus lived here for most of my life. I graduated from
Jacksonville High in Jacksonville, AR. I got my BBA from Philander
Smith College and my MSM from Kaplan Online University. And I have
spent the last 10 years working for the State of Arkansas. Yet all I
really wanted to do was have reasons to read and write. But not only
did I want to write, I wanted to share my writing with the world. 

I have not been more proud of a completed goal as I am of being able to
share #MeBeingMe with you. This story is inspired by my oldest son
(and my own) experiences with challenges, change, and middle school
(sometimes it really does suck).

I still live in Arkansas with my three sons and our dog, Barker. I am
still finding every available minute to read, write, and share it
with the world.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!

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  1. I enjoyed getting to know your book; congrats on the tour, I hope it is a fun one for you, and thanks for the chance to win :)

  2. I just love your cover and I would love to read your book.


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