Mr Snuffles’ Birthday by David Greaves
Illustrated by Emily Wallis,204,203,200_.jpg
'It was a wonderful day for snuffling for truffles,

'What a birthday treat!' thought Mr Snuffles…’

Adults and children of all ages will delight in following Mr Snuffles' frustrating woodland 
quest for his beloved truffles. But is Mr Snuffles on the right scent?

Beautifully illustrated by Emily Wallis, David Greaves' Mr Snuffles' Birthday is a glorious 
celebration of language, friendship and truffles: a tale to be treasured and to read aloud 
together time and time again.

About the Book
Title: Mr Snuffles’ Birthday
Author: David Greaves
Illustrator: Emily Wallis
Release Date: 1st May 2018
Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Format: Paperback

My Review
**Thank you to the publisher for sending me a physical copy of the book to review**

Mr. Snuffles' Birthday is a children's book about a truffle snuffling pig who discovers 
something is amiss in his neck of the woods. You see, all of his truffles have already been 
snuffled. Oh no!

Along the way, Mr. Snuffles comes across some of his friends, all of whom are acting a little
strange. Why are they dressed so nicely, and why is he the only one not going to this 
party they keep mentioning?

Does Mr. Snuffles ever uncover the truth behind his truffles and his friends' odd behavior?

I absolutely adored this story. My son, who is three, doesn't normally sit still for books. 
We get through maybe two or three pages before he loses interest until later on. 
Getting through a normal children's book can take us a day or more sometimes.
However, when I started reading Mr. Snuffles' Birthday to my son, he was enraptured and
actually sat with me through the entire story! We finished the whole book in one go.
I don't know what it was about the story, but the fact that it held my son's attention made
me love it even more. Perhaps it was the silly words, like snuffled and kerfuffle. 
Those words make me pretty happy, if I'm being honest.

The illustrations are stunning, and I have to commend the illustrator on doing such a fantastic
job capturing the story through her drawings.
Both kids and adults will enjoy this cute tale of mystery and friendship. 
I would highly recommend it to parents of young children.

Five very well-deserved stars!

About the Author

Born in Yorkshire in 1985, David Greaves’ warmth and generosity of spirit, and his love of travel 
and adventure led him to make friends around the world with people from all walks of life. 
His strength of character and devotion to achieving his goals was shown in his achievements as an 
ultra-marathon runner and Iron Man triathlete. It was also shown by his determination to finish this 
book, and nine others, after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (ALS) in June 2015, 
just after his thirtieth birthday. In the fifteen months after his diagnosis he got married to the love 
of his life, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, raising over £12,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, 
and travelled through East Africa before settling in Newcastle upon Tyne. As David lost the use of his 
arms and speech he finished his collection of children's books using revolutionary Eye Gaze 
technology which allowed him to type by tracking the movement of his eyes. David passed away 
peacefully at home in September 2016. Mr Snuffles is David's first book and his wife Philippa and 
family intend to honour his memory by eventually publishing all of his completed works.

About the Illustrator

C:\Users\Counter\Downloads\Emily Wallis.jpg
Emily Wallis is an illustrator who uses traditional hand-drawn techniques. 
She completed her MA in sequential design and illustration at the University of Brighton. 
She lives in London, UK.


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