Princess Nevaeh
by Paulette Harper

Children's Picture Book 

Six year old Nevaeh wants to be something she already is —a princess.
Do you know a little girl that doesn’t know she is loved or even
beautiful? Do we as parents, grandparents, or guardians reinforce and
give our little ones daily affirmation? Princess Nevaeh, Lessons on
Self-Discovery covers topics that are important not only to parents
but also to our little girls.
Find out how Mimi shares with her granddaughter the things that matter
most. Some of the topics discussed in this book are:

Teaching behavioral skills: fighting, bullying, listening, and obeying. 
Reinforces manners.
Teaches self-worth and values. 

Princess Nevaeh, Lessons on Self-Discovery allows caregivers to use this as a
tool to affirm the child, build positive dialogue and to encourage

Princess Nevaeh is a cute children's book that isn't just for girls. Sure, it's about a six year old girl who wants to be a princess, but children (and adults) of any age, race, gender, etc. can benefit from this book.

Nevaeh's grandma -- her Mimi -- teaches her what it means to be a princess, and in doing so, helps her realize that she already is one.

Not only does the book teach valuable life lessons, such as good manners, being respectful and kind, and learning to love yourself (self-worth/values), but it also can be used as a positive teaching tool in schools. At least I think it could be.

I really enjoyed reading through the story and seeing Nevaeh come into her own. Having a positive role model, especially for girls, is so important, and Nevaeh has that with her Mimi. And I think, after reading this book, little girls (and even little boys) can find a positive role model in Princess Nevaeh herself.

If you're looking for something sweet and cute, but also educational and uplifting, definitely get a copy of Princess Nevaeh. You won't be disappointed.

I give the story four stars.

Beginning her career in 2008, Paulette is an award-winning, bestselling author
and the founder of WNL Coaching and Marketing Services. Along with
being an ordained Elder, she is the author of several books and
founder of Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours, a service to help
promote authors of the Christian genre and authors of clean books. 
As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Elder Paulette's desire is
to empower, influence and cultivate women to move forward while
dealing with issues that hinder women from becoming all they are
created to be. Her topics are biblically sound and pertinent to the
needs of today's women. Paulette is a mother, grandmother and Bible
teacher. Paulette has appeared on numerous radio and Television shows. 

Combining enthusiasm with an energetic speaking style, audiences describe
Paulette's presentation as inspiring, enriching and encouraging. She
is committed to speaking a message that is always uplifting and edifying. 
As a writing coach, she is the visionary behind her own writing ministry
called "Write Now," a literary program that specializes in
coaching aspiring writers in the areas of creativity, development,
and publication of Christian books. She provides her listeners with
tools, resources, and opportunities to help them succeed in the
writing business.
Her books have ranked consecutively on the Black Christian Publishers
Bestsellers List for Independent Publishers (non-fiction category).

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