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The Killing of Miguel by Christopher McAfee - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The Killing of Miguel
by Christopher McAfee

Psychological Thriller

"When someone loses a family member, or is faced with tragedy that is
beyond comprehension, the mind and body take refuge in a safe place.
Sometimes, it takes the person on a journey that many people cannot
conceive. It is my opinion that Steven will never be able to return
to his former self."

That quote was from one of my doctors that I saw while confined.

While it is true that the death of my father was very traumatic, what
followed was truly real.

It was a battle of wills with the epitome of Evil.

It was the day of the bonfire. I placed the ring Father Patrick had given me on
my right-hand ring finger. My left hand was still reserved for Alexa’s wedding
ring and my wedding ring. With all that was going on, she was still in my daily
I biked to the Catholic Church, walked in, and headed for the office. Father
Patrick greeted me dressed in black garb.
“My battle robe,” he professed. “Let’s go.”
I climbed on my bike. Father Patrick spent the next few minutes trying to
accommodate himself on the handlebars. It was a comedic scene. Once he was
secure, I pedaled to the park, gaining many strange looks as well as catcalls.
When we arrived, we sought refuge in the bushes some fifty yards from the
pile of wood.
Father Patrick advised me time and time again to not stare at the flame, to not
concentrate on the words of Miguel, and to rely on the power of the ring he had
given me.
“He will search out the non-believers―the ones who believe they have been
failed by Christ. He will promise them great wealth and happiness.”
As Miguel approached the pulpit, the crowd stood in anticipation. As he
spoke, the flames of the bonfire seemed to rise. People were fainting and crying
as he wandered down through the crowd. He was being mobbed. They all
wanted to touch this false messiah. My hands were shaking, my chest was
pounding, and the amulet in the Battle Ring turned blood red. My instincts were
telling me to prepare for a fight. I looked at Father Patrick. He looked unfazed.
At the end, the crowd disbanded, and Father Patrick and I took a long, silent
walk back to his church.
Upon arrival, I had to ask, “Well?”
He took a long drag from his cigarette and spoke: “He is most certainly not
the Devil.”
“How can you say that?” I felt enraged. “Don’t you believe me? I saw him kill
Alexa! She said he had her soul, and the ring you gave me was red! Who else
does this?”
He remained silent, and I calmed myself.
“So Miguel is not the Devil? That’s good, right?”
“I have battled this demon many times before. He has a stench about him that
I cannot forget. Miguel is the latest moniker he goes by, but he is centuries old.
He is an agent of the Devil, an Exalted Demon. He is here to collect souls for
Satan and to defeat all that is good in the world. He is the soul apparent, the
successor to Lucifer, and possibly the Antichrist. He is one step below Satan, but
twice as Evil. He does all of the Devil’s dirty work: stealing souls and making
honest men lie and deceive for profit. He is tricking people by using the name
Miguel, a form of Michael, which translates to “One who is God.” He is here to
ravage souls and to end the earth. Armageddon may be upon us.”
“He must be defeated.”
Up till now, I had taken everything Father Patrick had said with uncertainty.
But now I could see that he was dead serious.

Christopher resides in Fremont,Ohio,USA. A self confessed music nerd, he utilized
real life experiences with a vivid imagination to write a fictional
memoir, Almost Anonymous. A tale of a young musician’s battle to
discover the real person inside. After positive reviews he was urged
to write in a genre that was more popular. He chose Horror, and “The
Killing of Miguel” was written. A story of a young man seeking
revenge against an Agent of the Devil (Miguel) for stealing his father’s soul.
In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife,Vicki and their
son’s Kevin,Joshua, Jacob, grandson Maxwell Christopher McAfee and
their assortment of family dogs, Buddy,Bailey,Nash and Mia.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts and a giveaway!

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