Thousands returned from the war in Vietnam suffering from physical injuries that were easily seen. Thousands more suffered from mental injuries that too often went unnoticed. How many of those who suffered from mental anguish lived their lives, controlled by that emotional turmoil? The answer will never be known.

Time Passed is the account of Daniel Gardner, Phillip Russ and Benjamin Simms, each of whom returned from the war, but not unscathed. Each chose, for more than three decades, to allow the torturous events they experienced while in the distant land to control their lives.

It is an account of healing, brought about by a group of unknown warriors whose bodies were never recovered from that distant land, but whose souls were returned home by a group of volunteers who erected a memorial to honor the Vietnam veterans living in their town, including Daniel, Phil and Benjamin.

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Jennifer's Review

It is a very good book. A bit sad, with parts will make you cry, as well as parts that will make you  both mad and happy. 
It’s about three men who tell their stories about their time in the Vietnam war. 
Daniel tells his story about how he was interested in being in the war, and what happens during his time in Vietnam, and what happens after he gets out of the war. 
Benjamin, also interested in the war, tells his story of what happens during his time in Vietnam, and what happens to him after the war. 
Phil is the third person to join the war. He also tells his story of what happened to him during the war, and what happens afterwards. 
It was a very good book, and I have to give it 5 stars.

Author Bio
Robert spent 26 years as a safety professional following his graduation from Murray State University. During his spare time, he tackles is love of writing, which has yielded five titles; At the Water’s Edge, History Repeated: America’s Next War Between the States, Criminal Diversions, Time Passed and D.O.G.: Executive Order. Robert served 27 years in the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves, including mobilization in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He currently lives in Ridgetop, TN with his wife and their pets.