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Aether Walker by NAK Baldron - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Discovery of Light
Austin Chronicles: Book 1
An Aether Walker Novel

by NAK Baldron

Urban Fantasy

Aether Walkers plague the city!
Kandice sees the creatures throughout her city, but no one else seems to care.

She watched as an Aether Walker killed her mother. Now regret fuels her
need for vengeance. Forced to live with her aunt - Kandice must hide
her nightly hunts. How could she explain the need to kill these
creatures when they appear human to everyone else?

Kandice struggles to attend school by day, and hunt by night. She meets a
fellow hunter and discovers just how little she knows. Now she's
confronted with a choice - to trust him or not. Vengeance isn't possible alone.

Can she manage to pull off her double life - avenge her mother, and keep
her 4.0 GPA? The weight is crushing her, and something is about to break.

Discovery of Light is a lightning-paced urban fantasy - gripping adventure -
with a strong heroine, a mysterious hero, and unique magic.

Seal of Light
Austin Chronicles: Book 2
An Aether Walker Novel

Aether Walkers still plague the city, but at least Kandice is not alone.

After discovering that Lance can see the Aether Walkers, Kandice has
decided he will teach her. However, he doesn't know it. She struggles
to pull off her double life, but it hasn't fallen apart. Yet!

Kandice's issues with her aunt heat up and she must choose between family and
honor. Her skills as a huntress are at an all time high, but they're
still not enough. She needs help, and only one man can provide it.
Will her feelings for him get in the way?

When Kandice learns the truth about the Aether Walkers, will she be able
to make the right choice? She stands in the eye of the storm. One
wrong step and she'll lose everything she has left.

Seal of Light is a lightning-paced urban fantasy - gripping adventure -
with a strong heroine, a mysterious hero, and unique magic.

Theft of Light
Austin Chronicles: Book 3
An Aether Walker Novel

The mayor is an Aether Walker!

Kandice and Lance must save the city, but they can't do it alone. They're
putting their team together, while at the same time the mayor is
preparing to take over the city.

Kandice has made her choice, moved out from her aunt's house, and left school
behind. She is committed to fighting the Aether Walkers, but now it's
more than revenge for her mother's death. If she fails the whole city will suffer.

Will Kandice and the team be able to pull off their mission? If they fail
it will cost more than their own lives.

Theft of Light is a lightning-paced urban fantasy - gripping adventure -
with a strong heroine, a mysterious hero, and unique magic.

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Guest Post

If you're like me, the only thing you appreciate more than reading is an excellent cup of coffee or tea. I start my day with an espresso while afternoons are for tea. I will note that when I curl up with a great book, I prefer a cup a tea to coffee. For some reason coffee doesn’t relax me into the world I’m reading the way tea will.
It took me several years to transition from drip coffee to French press, and ultimately espresso. But it was worth it. As you can see the general trend has been less volume, stronger flavor, and more prep time with each method.
The major reason I swear by espresso as the only way to drink coffee in the morning, is the ritual of making it. It's a way to start my day almost like a meditation, but better because there's caffeine at the end. The anticipation while making the coffee is half the enjoyment. If you’ve never tried a cup of espresso, I heartily recommend that you go try one.
I tweaked my recipe for the better part of a year, but I think I’ve master the espresso ratios. The first step is finding the right coffee. I recommend a strong blend with floral notes. Also, it’s best if you buy whole bean and grind the beans yourself every morning, but not a requirement.

4 oz espresso
2 tsp sugar
Mix well
1.5 oz creamer

It should take about 5 minutes to drink and is best enjoyed while doing nothing else. Find a comfortable seat, sip your coffee, and enjoy life. By taking the time to make a great cup of coffee your days will be less stressful, and you’ll have the energy to conquer the world.
I'd go into my version of a perfect cup of tea, but I might start a war. Instead I'll leave a link to one of the greatest internet posts of all time, also known as World War Tea.

Nicholi (N.A.K. Baldron) is an author and avid reader. He likes stories that
take place in fictional worlds, with memorable characters.
He spends his days debating between whether it’s coffee or tea time,
and pecking away at his keyboard to produce stories for his readers.
He can be found strolling through one of the many wooded areas in the
small town outside of Austin, Texas that he calls home.
If he could have any power, it would be the power to control time; then
he could freeze it and find enough reading time. One of his deepest
regrets in life, is knowing he’ll never get around to reading all
the books on his to-be-read list.
Knowing how precious reading time is, he’s always honored when his readers
choose to spend their time on his stories.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content, guest posts and a giveaway!

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