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Boy in the Mirror by Robert J. Duperre - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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Young Adult Urban Fantasy/Horror
Date Published: December 31, 2016
Publisher: TRO Publishing

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Fifteen-year-old Jacqueline Talbot’s boyfriend Mal lives in the mirror of her makeup case. There’s never been anything normal about Jacqueline; not during her time in foster care, and certainly not in her new hometown of Mercy Hills.

With rumors of actual monsters in the woods, the popular kids taking an unhealthy interest in her, and the revealing of her own dark past, all Jacqueline wants to do is run away forever with Mal. Too bad he’s trapped in the mirror.

But when she learns the ancient forces of the town want to destroy everything she loves, the race is on to free the boy in the mirror, because he just might be the only one who knows how to stop them.

My Review
Boy in the Mirror's a strange and unique story. I enjoyed it, but it was definitely a wild ride, and definitely not quite what I was expecting. That's a good thing, though. I like when books are different.

It starts off kind of graphic, actually, with two little boys exploring somewhere they shouldn't be. I won't say what happens, but it was surprisingly shocking.

The next chapter seems relatively normal, and the story starts introducing our main character, Jacqueline. She's got no parents, and her foster family isn't exactly the best. But at least she has a roof over her head. That all changes, though, when her foster father shows up in her bedroom one night. That one event sets the rest of the story, and things slowly start to get crazier and crazier as the story progresses.

Jacqueline also has a special mirror she uses to talk to the boy who lives inside it. Strange? Yes. But Mal is her only friend at first, and so she continues to keep him hidden away so no one else can see him or talk to him.

The Boy in the Mirror is definitely a thrilling book. There's all sorts of supernatural insanity building, and only Mal seems to know how to stop it. Jacqueline has to learn to put her trust in not only him, but also the new friends and family she gains later on. It's up to her and the boy in the mirror to stop whatever's coming.

I have to say, plot-wise, the story grabs you right from the get-go and doesn't let up until the very end. And even then, you'll be left breathless and eager for more. The anticipation is enough to make even the most calm person a little on edge.

Character-wise, there are a few you'll love, and a few you'll hate. Jacqueline is a bit naive at times, but for a teenage girl, that's not surprising. She does have her moments, though, where her strength shines through.
I also really liked her aunt. She's an odd one, but I found myself liking her more and more as the story goes on. Same goes for Jacqueline's friends. They're a fun, nerdy bunch.

I'd definitely be keen on reading the rest of the series. The Boy in the Mirror was exciting, curious, and kind of scary too. I rather enjoyed it, and I'd recommend it to fans of young adult fantasy/horror.

Four stars from me!

About the Author

Robert J. Duperre is an author from Connecticut, the land of insurance, tobacco, and unfulfilled dreams. Over his mildly interesting life, Robert has released seven novels that skirt the line between horror, science fiction, and fantasy, as well as edited and contributed to a pair of short story collections. His novel “Soultaker” was released in 2017 by Ragnarok Publications. He also co-wrote "The Breaking World" series with David Dalglish, which was picked up and published by 47North, a subsidiary of Amazon Publishing. And all this was accomplished while living happily ever after with his wife, the artist Jessica Torrant.

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