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Captive by Sarag Stein - Book Blitz

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Captive (The White Stealth Clan, #2) by Sarah Stein
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All Denyse Blake’s life she’s yearned for her alpha, Worwick, that is until Joseph Delane appears. After warning Worwick away from Analyse so she could claim him, she gets kidnapped along with two other pack members by rogue werewolves. She has to fight. If not for herself, then for the family she’s always had. 

Joseph can never seem to control his beast. When the other wolves decide to break into the nearest pack’s camp, he doesn’t expect to seize anyone, especially the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. It’s a never-ending battle with his beast, torment or protect his mate.

Can they set aside their differences to be together? 

About the Author
Sarah Stein has always been an avid reader. Her love for books at an early age is why she started creating her own stories. Today, she’s a multi-published Author with works in various genres.  
She’s from southern Louisiana but resides in south Texas with her husband of many years, two children, a German Shepherd, and a Dachshund. When she isn’t spending quality time with them, she’s singing, reading, writing, or researching for her latest work in progress. 

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