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Cleo and Cornelius by Elizabeth Nicholson, Janine Pibal, and Nick Geller - Book Review

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Adventurous Cleo and couch potato Cornelius live in ancient Egypt, where cats are worshipped like gods and goddesses. After Cornelius accidentally boards a boat departing on a voyage across the sea, Cleo and Cornelius find themselves in the faraway city of Rome, a place where dogs are treated like kings.  In Rome, the activities never end! Cleo and Cornelius race chariots, play games, perform in a theater, and more. Do they even want to return to Egypt? A spin on Aesop’s classic fable “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse,” Cleo and Cornelius is teeming with hungry hippos, toga-clad dogs, and dancing cat mummies, bringing new excitement to a timeless tale.

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My Review

**I'd like to thank the publisher and Netgalley for the ARC I received to read and review**

Cleo and Cornelius is a cute children's book based on one of Aesop's Fables. I have to admit, it's been years since I read any fables, so I didn't pick up on the connection at first. That's just me, though.

Anyway, Cleo and Cornelius tells the tale of two cats -- Cleo and Cornelius -- who live in Ancient Egypt being pampered and worshipped like gods. They have a good life...until Cornelius accidentally ends up sailing across the sea to Rome. Cleo, unhappy with how bored she is, sets sail on another boat to Rome so she can meet up with Cornelius, and then they can have ALL the adventures together.

The story is fun and educational, bringing a little bit of ancient history into the lives of children who pick up the book to enjoy. I liked how both cats had a good time in Rome, doing all sorts of exciting things. I think kids of all ages will like looking at the beautiful illustrations as well. The story is very short and easy to read. My three year old enjoyed sitting with me while I read it to him.

Overall, Cleo and Cornelius is a great book for kids who are learning to read, and for kids who just want a quick, fun read with a little bit of history thrown in for good measure. The only issue I had was the pdf didn't quite work right on my Kindle, so I had to download and install Adobe Digital Editions so I could read the story properly.

I give the story four stars!

Author Bios
Elizabeth Nicholson is a senior editor at Getty Publications and a former senior writer/editor at the Smithsonian Institution. 
Janine Pibal holds an MFA in writing for children and young adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has taught puppeteering for television in Los Angeles.  
Nick Geller holds a PhD in Classical Studies from the University of Michigan.  
Michelle Thies is an illustrator and animation artist based in Los Angeles.

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