Thursday, June 7, 2018

Life Lived Not Lost by Cynthia Staton - Book Tour + Giveaway

Victoria Taylor Staton's life was a... Life Lived Not Lost ~ a journey of hope.

Cynthia Staton's life was in turmoil, then Christ saved her. Life was perfect. She and her beloved daughter, Victoria shared the same belief in God. But seven short months after Cynthia was saved, her daughter lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis, and God called her home.

Cynthia struggled with not only missing her daughter, but losing her bible teacher. Victoria taught the Word of God to Cynthia in a way that showcased God's perfect love for His children. That profound understanding carried Cynthia through the devastation, knowing she'd see her daughter again one day, in Heaven, and that Victoria's time on Earth was a....
Life Lived Not Lost ~ A journey of hope.

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Top Ten List
1.     God
2.     Family
3.     Friends
4.     Speaking
5.     Writing
6.     Shopping
7.     Doing for other’s without them knowing
8.     Meeting new people
9.     Fall
10.                        Doing crazy stuff during Halloween

Character Casting

The actress Catherine Tate to play Cynthia

 The actress Emma Watson to play Victoria

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