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Love at Rincon Point by S.I. Hayes and J. Haney - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Love at Rincon Point
by J. Haney & S.I. Hayes

Contemporary Romance

Successful, driven and divorced mom Addilyn Tate writes romance novels. She has
only eleven weeks to deliver the next one to her publisher and scout
for her first film. So, this year’s annual beach vacation with her
three kids Bexley, Ryker and Laken will be a working vacation for Addilyn. 

Upon arrival, the family soon meets their new next-door neighbor and
landlord, buoyant, reckless surfer Declan Torrance, with whom they
will be sharing walls and a patio for the next two months. Declan
cranks up his music at night, sleeps late, and allows his furry
friends to run around at will. 

As Addilyn bangs away at her novel with little success, Declan’s
volleyball matches and irregular hours keep her from much progress.
But when Declan finds himself bonding with Bexley, Ryker, and Laken;
Addilyn begins to see a different side of this man child. Soon the
two begin to see each other in a whole new – and attractive light.


There Cherry is, standing on the patio with Dakota sitting on the rail, hands everywhere fun. They kiss and the hooting starts from some of my drunker compadres. I smack a few heads as I stumble across the patio to them.
“Having fun, I see,” I smirk as Cherry turns to me, leaning into Dakota.
“Always,” she responds with a laugh.
Hey, where’s your sister?” I holler to be heard over the Reggae music blaring through the speaker they are almost on top of.
“In the house,” she answers with a slur. My head is swimming and I’m well, let’s face it, I’m horny. I lean toward them.
“You should go get her.”
“She already told me she wasn’t coming out. She ain’t gonna come out and deal with your craziness, and she sure ain’t gonna leave the kids alone.”
“Aw, c’mon, do a guy a solid. Tell her I’m askin’ after her.”
“Forgive Dec, after a few drinks, he tends to think he’s Casanova.” Cherry chuckles, grabbing me by the balls. “She ain’t comin’ out just cuz you’re horny.”
I growl as she lets her lips hover over mine. “Go play elsewhere.” She pushes me back.
I spin around and face the house. As my eyes scan, I notice the blinds upstairs shift. She’s watching but is too scared to come out.
“Addilyn!” I scream, holding out my arms as I make my way through the crowd toward the balcony. No sign of her. “Addilyn Tate!” I holler again more sternly, jumping up and propelling myself onto the balcony and over the railing to the cluttered surface of her porch. My guests cheer as I get my balance and call out her name for the third time.
The glass door opens and she’s standing there in this silky little romper. It covers her, but at the same time, has my head spinning and thinking about pulling it down and off her. I’m staring hard as I try and speak, but nothing useful comes out.
“What do you want, Declan?” She wraps her arms around herself, which only serves to prop up her tits. I can’t think, so I act. I grab her by the wrist, pull her out onto the balcony and right to me. Her body presses against mine as I crush my mouth to hers. I feel her tongue pass over my teeth and get the taste of peppermint for an instant before she pushes me away. I try to hold onto her, my chest heaving as my heart races.
“We’re not doing this. Go back to your party.”
“And if I say I don’t want to?” I reach for her again, but she steps backward.
“You’re drunk, try saying that when you’re not drunk. In the morning.”
I drop my head and turn toward the crowd. “The lady doth protest too much!” I call out as I make my way back over to my balcony. Up was one thing, but down would have killed me.
I stumble into my room and hear a giggle. Looking up, I find Simone is in my bed with not a stitch of clothing on and to make matters worse, Franny is nestled firmly between her thighs. My mouth hangs open in confusion.
Hey, lover boy,” Simone moans while Franny works her over. “Wanna play?”
My vision is blurry and my balance near gone, but from this angle, Franny passes for Addilyn and it makes my cock twitch. Fuck it, if she doesn’t want me, I may as well. I drop my board shorts and climb on the bed. Getting behind Franny, it isn’t long before I’m balls deep in her tight little snatch, the headboard slamming into the wall as she caterwauls and Simone orders me to go faster.


**Only .99 cents!!**

J. Haney was born and raised in Kentucky, currently residing in Greenup
County, Kentucky with her family, where she is the proud mamma to
Jessalyn Kristine and co-owner to Proud Momma Designs, which she runs
with her amazing Momma. J. Haney’s work tends to lean toward sweet
and sexy, with suspenseful undertones giving her readers something to
hold onto. It’s what she calls Real Life Romance.

S.I. Hayes was born and bred in New England, currently living in Ohio.
Running around Connecticut, she used all of her family and friends as
inspiration for her many novels. When not writing Paranormal Drama or
Erotic Romance she can be found drawing one of many fabulous book
covers or teasers, to see them check out her web site.

The pair met while working for a previous publisher and became fast
friends, their split dynamics and views on life, family and love in
general led to the idea of A County Fair Romance and A Sex,
Drugs and Rock Romance
adding to it Working Class Beauties
and soon Kincaid Falls. Along with various Standalone novels.
So, keep your eyes open and a fresh pair of panties close by, you
know just in case.

Where to find J. Haney

Where to find S.I. Hayes

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!

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