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Paris Moon by Sondra Hicks - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Kloe and Gavin have decided to see the world and first stop is Paris, France. As they start their journey they find other vampires and werewolves are not as accepting of their relationship as their family was.

As a pack of wolves follows them around the city until they inadvertently cross paths. Both being suspicious of each other they finally find a way to break the ice. Although the Paris wolf pack isn’t totally convinced what Kloe and Gavin intentions are they allow then into their pack after others reject their relationship. Have they found a home on their journey when it’s only started?

There are others in Paris who see Kloe as a threat and will go to great lengths to remove her from the streets of this beautiful city. They are following Kloe everywhere she goes but who is it and why are they following her but most importantly why do they fear her?

Author of Paris Moon and London Moon, the first two books in the Kloe & Gavin Adventures Series. Also soon to be released Edge of Night Trilogy. She is is a paranormal/supernatural, romance/thriller and sci-fi author.

Currently living in the rainy state, Washington State, when not spending time with her family and friends, you can find her writing, or be contributing to the indie author community. She is known to be deeply immersed in helping new authors, also making book teasers, book covers or just giving helpful advice she loves what she does.

“You seem antsy my love, why is that?” Gavin asked.
“Just a little hungry and there is nothing to distract me. I am sorry, I don’t mean to be a pain but I need to step out, I will be back soon.” Kloe said, suddenly feeling claustrophobic. She quickly turned around and kissed him so that he didn’t think too much of it.
“Just be careful of that pack... I don’t want you getting into trouble with them,” Gavin told her.
Kloe kissed him goodbye, grabbed her key and went out the door. She went out into the streets of Paris in daylight. Not her normal hunting hours but she was starving and, this was not normal for her. She had to feed or she could become dangerous. As she walked checking alleys she saw that same little girl again. She was sitting on a bench alone. So, against her better judgment, Kloe went and sat down next to her. She had to find out what was going on.
“My name is Kloe what's yours?” Kloe asked.
“Anna,” the little girl replied.
“Why are you bait in this game?” Kloe asked.
“What game?” Anna asked innocently looking at her hands
“I saw your pack abduct the vampire in silver handcuffs the other night,” Kloe said.
“I shouldn’t be talking to you. ” Anna told her. Kloe could sense the fear that was now running through Anna.
“I just want to know why... I am not here to hurt you, Anna. I don’t live in Paris,” Kloe told her gently
“You are a vampire?  So why are you not trying to feed on me?” Anna asked
“Because I don’t believe that children are to be fed on,” Kloe told her.
“But you dare to approach me with my brothers watching. Is this a trick?” Anna looked suspiciously at her
“Yes I approached but you have nothing to fear and neither do they. I just want to know why you are vampire hunters.” Kloe gently replied.
“Because we want to keep the city clean of varmints who would prey on a small child.” came a voice from behind them.
“Kloe you must go.” Anna looked scared.
“If she wants answers let's give them to her!” a man emerged from behind her.
“I am under the protection of Jack and his pack. I am only out here because I was curious after what I saw the other night.” Kloe calmly explained to him.
“We take out the vampires who wish harm on children and kill humans. Your kind has done what they wanted to harm and kill innocents in this city for too long. Where do you fall?” The man asked her.
“I leave my prey alive, I see no sense in the killing. I was taught better than that. I never prey on children no matter how hungry I am.” Kloe answered them truthfully.
“Well, you are not what we are looking for. I do want to issue a warning though, even if you are protected, that doesn’t mean shit if we find you breaking the law.” the man told her sternly.
“I understand.what is your name? ” Kloe inquired.
“I am Peter, Alpha of my pack and Anna is my sister,” Peter informed her in an authoritative voice.
“Anna is your sister but I did not smell her as a wolf?” Kloe told him
“She has not emerged yet for her first full moon. That is why you cannot smell her. She makes the perfect bait that way.” Peter explained
“Well it is nice to meet you both and it is nice what you are doing. Just don’t confuse those who mean no harm to those who would, we do need to survive ourselves.” Kloe replied.
“You don’t have to hunt on our streets you know? There’s a blood bank not far down the street, I am sure they could hook you up for a price.” Peter explained to Kloe.

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