"Stellar" is an interesting as well as compelling book of prose poetry that encompasses the wonderment of love. Further, stories of romance, love, and tragedy are told creatively through the eyes of 107 poems. In "Stellar" one will have a chance to go on an odyssey of figurative language, and will also get a refreshing sense of the human condition that we all need, and yearn for love. In "Stellar" one will also have a unique opportunity to view emotionalism seemingly painted by the masters. In reality, however, these poetic words of distinction cannot fit on a canvas, but are to be read on paper, and enjoyed by you and your imagination. 

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My Review
Stellar is a book of poetry and prose written by Kevin Hollingsworth. The author provided me with a copy in exchange for a review, and I'd like to thank him for that.

I normally don't read poetry, as I grew out of that phase when I was in high school. But I figured I'd give it a whirl and see what Stellar was all about.

The poems don't read like normal poetry. There's no real rhyme or reason to any of them. They sort of read like...journal entries, almost. At least that's how I viewed them. A lot of them are about the same topic/subject as well: a woman's beauty and love.

I did enjoy a couple of the poems in the book, but a lot of them started to feel repetitive and too similar to one another. I started to grow a little bored with all the talk about beauty and breasts and buttocks. That's just me, though.

I did feel like the book could have been a little stronger, and maybe less repetitive. I also thought it could have benefited from a better/nicer cover. Nothing against this one, but I like covers that speak to me and draw me in. If I had seen this book, with this cover, for sale in a bookstore or online, I probably would have bypassed it. Sorry.

Overall, Stellar is a short read, and while it's not bad, it wasn't quite my cup of tea. I do applaud the author, though, for putting his prose and poetry out there for the world to enjoy.

Author Bio
Author/Poet, Kevin Hollingsworth has two published works of prose poetry, "Wonders" and "Romance With A Touch of Love" and coming Fall 2017 a new compilation of 106 poems titled; "Stellar."

Although born a "Dreamer," writing came later in Kevin's life, just for fun in his spare time. He received positive feedback on his writing from friends, acquaintances and family. He continued to write in his free time because he enjoyed it and he liked putting smiles on people's faces and love in their hearts.

Not an uncommon reaction after someone read a humble literary creation of his poetry. As simple as it sounds, Kevin guesses people will never know they may have an aptitude for something unless they try it. We all are born with gifts and seeds for above.

If Kevin's writing can bring a sparkle of joy, or happiness to someone's life; if his writing can touch people in a meaningful way, then he knows at least he can feel good that he has done something right in his life and legacy.

A graduate of UCLA with a BA in Psychology, Kevin resides in Los Angeles and when not writing he enjoys salsa dancing.