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Stranded in Love by Victoria Grant - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Stranded in Love
by Victoria Grant


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



If a gold medal was awarded for Worst Day Ever, Laney Calderone would win it today, hands down. 
She’s just discovered she's pregnant, her fiancĂ© abruptly dumps her when she tells him, and her new 
car refuses to start as a brutal snowstorm hits Toronto.

Good Samaritan Tyler Hammond offers to take her home; however, with the heavy snow falling and 
his patience dwindling, Laney’s gold medal day isn’t over yet.

Storms intensify both outside and in as Laney finds herself inexplicably attracted to this tall, dark and
 very handsome but infuriating stranger.

Can Laney fight her unwanted yet increasing desire for this man long enough to get through the
relentless storm? And will Tyler let her walk out of his life as easily as she came into it?



Tyler took Laney into his arms and pulled her close. The music changed to that unforgettable jazz 
melody she knew so well, and out of the corner of her eye she noticed Stephen on the balcony with 
the band leader, a devilish grin on his face. Up to his old tricks again.

“You look ravishing tonight, Ginger.” Tyler whispered in her ear. “Did I ever tell you red is my favourite 

Laney tried to move to the rhythm except her feet would not obey. She felt clumsy and self-conscious 
dancing with Tyler with so many people watching, especially her family.

“You feel a little tense, my love. Relax and enjoy.”

She closed her eyes wishing she could walk away, but that wasn’t going to happen. Tyler held her tight
and guided her effortlessly around the floor. The mesmerizing scent of his cologne reverberated 
through her senses and she surprised herself when she realized she was smiling. The Tyler Trap, 
she thought. You’ve gotten stuck in it again, you idiot!

With a deep sigh, she let herself surrender and leaned into him. He smiled and pulled her even closer.
It didn’t matter to her anymore who saw them, who noticed they were so close; she didn’t care.

As she floated around the hall Laney became immersed in her surroundings. 
The Christmas tree lights twinkling, the distant chatter and laughter of the guests, the captivating tune, 
and the wonderful feel of this amazing man in her arms.

Laney wanted to freeze time again. This man, this music, this moment. She rested her chin on his
shoulder and let him take complete control. They moved as one, oblivious to every eye on them as 
they soared in the clouds, leaving all the other guests back on Earth.


Guest post

Topic: Author's Choice of Topic

What interesting or comical thing happened to you when you were a child?

I was nine years old and it was a muggy summer evening, thunder rumbling in the distance and heavy rain pelting the window. My sister and I sat on our bunk beds trying to think up something fun to do, as Mom was at her part-time job and Dad was relaxing after dinner.
I got up to have another look at the games on the bookshelf, most of which we’d 
played a hundred times already that summer, then sat down on the lower bunk with a bored sigh. As my sister reminded me, yet again, that I wasn’t as much fun to be with as her friends who were away at their cottage, I felt something pinch my bottom.  I got up quickly, but hit my head on the top bunk, and fell right back onto whatever had attacked me!
“Ouch!” I cried. “Something’s got me!” I tried to stand up again, managing it this time with a helping hand from my sister.
She looked down at the comforter. “Oh my God!  It’s a giant bee!” she yelled.  “RUN!” 
We both charged from the room in mortal terror, hoping the bee wasn’t cunning enough to chase us.  We raced into the kitchen and nearly collided with each other as my sister came to a sudden stop.
“Where’s Dad?”  she asked peering into an empty living room.
“He must be outside,” I said, rubbing both my sore head and bottom.
“In the rain?” she frowned.
After a very brief debate, we decided that going outside in the storm to look for him was infinitely preferable to staying inside the house with a killer bee. We flung open the screen door and tore around to the side of the house where Dad was watering his roses. Now, why he was watering roses in the midst of a thunderous downpour we didn’t ask because there’s some things you just don’t ask an Englishman about his garden.
After a few seconds, both of us yelling at the top of our lungs, my sister finally made herself heard. “Dad!”  she shouted.  “Victoria’s been stung by a killer bee!   
And it’s after us!”
Dad smiled gently at me, turned off his hose and said, “Let’s go into the house, girls.”
“No way!” I was adamant, even though I hated thunder storms. 
“I’m not going back in there!”
“Come on, you can’t stay out here all night,” he said, as lightening lit up the dark sky.
Reluctantly, we went back into the house where Dad took care of my wound, 
despite my embarrassment and pleas that it could wait until Mom got home. 
My sister stood guard waiting for the killer bee to make its reappearance.
Dad then took my hand and led me into the bedroom, my sister following curiously, if not hesitantly, behind us.
“Look, it’s just a honey bee,” Dad said, “and it’s dead. 
Honey bees die after they’ve stung a person. Didn’t you girls know that?”  he shook his head and mumbled something like, 
“I don’t know what they’re teaching you in school these days.” 
He picked up the bee and dropped it out of the window into his garden below. “He'll make good mulch for my roses.” He smiled and nodded.
A few minutes later, I decided a dish of ice cream and a spirited game of Clue would make me feel better.  What had started as a rather boring evening turned out to be 
a “run for your life there’s a killer bee in the house!” evening, which is why I have 
been terrified of bees ever since. I got stung on the wrist by a wasp once…
but that story can wait for another time.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born in England to a Monty Python-loving dad and a Lawrence Welk-loving mum - tea drinkers all - 
we moved to Canada when I was seven. "Say book, say look" my new classmates would hound me 
just so they could have a good chuckle at my accent. But being incredibly shy, this was a great way 
for me to make friends.

My love of words and a creative imagination prompted English teachers to urge me to write for a living, 
especially after I got a letter from the Prime Minister who thanked me for writing to him!  
So cool for a twelve-year-old!

Through the years, I wrote while I earned a living as an Administrative Assistant in various companies; 
then I owned a Wedding Coordination business for six years (talk about romance!), all the while being 
happily married to the love of my life.
These interesting jobs plus wedded bliss gave me oodles of ideas for romantic plot lines, tall, dark 
and handsome heroes and feisty, beautiful heroines, and, of course, the happily ever afters.

I currently live in Mississauga and spend time with family and friends, and struggle daily with the wine 
and chocolate that somehow magically appear in my house...

And, amidst the endless cups of strong tea, while the dead parrot sketch and Cole Porter songs 
whirl around in my brain, I write. I will always write romances because I love creating fascinating 
characters whose lives I can make completely miserable before I give them their happily ever after.

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Victoria Grant will be awarding 3 signed paperback copies of the book to randomly drawn winners 
(North America Only) via rafflecopter during the tour.

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