The Flowerpot Witch (A Wendy Woo Witch Lit Novel Book 3)
Lizzie Martin has chosen pottery to be her new career…

But the teacher from hell threatens to thwart her ambitions before she starts.

She has support from her best friend Louise and Evan, another pottery tutor, but Rowan, her fifteen year old daughter is restless, Josh, her ex-husband is colluding with her aunt and though her mother is alive, access to her is forbidden. When The Morrigan appears in her sacred circle, Lizzie knows she has a battle on her hands.

There is hope though.

Stardust the chicken brings a new creature into Lizzie’s life and a long awaited meeting with her Aunt Matilda brings Lizzie’s past into perspective.

Lizzie’s magic ventures beyond The Sanctuary, into the Welsh landscape and the realms of the fae.


Lizzie knows her mother is alive, living in a nursing home near Machynlleth but visiting is under the strict control of her old boss, Edward Brown. Lizzie’s stepbrother, Jack, has been on reconnaissance, discovering a way for them to catch a glimpse of Elsa on the night of Imbolc by climbing up branches beside the walled enclosure of the home…

Lizzie feared the ferocity of her heartbeat would alert everyone in the house. She looked into her mother’s garden for the first time. There was only a wall and a few panes of glass between them. All was dark. Chinks of light peeped through almost drawn curtains in the top floor windows above, but there was nothing but blackness from Elsa’s rooms. Lizzie’s cheeks glowed, excitement fizzing her veins when a cloud sailed past the moon leaving a glorious shining crescent beaming into the garden and her dream became a reality. Arranged in a horseshoe around the doors into the garden were hundreds of flowerpots. Clusters of tiny pots nestled beside majestic earthenware, large enough to hide in. Few flowers were visible, unsurprising at this time of year, but Lizzie was certain she could make out the bowed heads of tiny snowdrops and the hint of a delicate primrose.
            A gloved hand sought hers and the sisters waited for a glimpse of the mother they didn’t remember. The chariot finally carried the sun beyond the realms of day in the northern hemisphere, silent darkness falling, a waterfall of space and time. In the black of night they waited, their extremities growing colder every minute, but no one spoke or complained, intent as they were on the doors to Elsa’s rooms.
            A curtain was pulled back, golden light washing the patio. A cloaked figure stepped onto the slabs, a basket on her arm. The outside light came on and there she was. Lizzie stifled the gasp rising from her throat at the sight of her mother, pushing back the hood of her dark green cloak to reveal a mass of auburn curls, trailing over her shoulders, topped with a circlet of white flowers.
            Another figure stepped into the garden.
Elsa turned quickly. “No! Go away!”
She pushed the figure back through the doors, pulling them shut. Into the ring of flowerpots she danced, her long white robe brushing the ground. She twirled and spun to the tune of the moon. Stars twinkled into view to her delight, her smiles evident to all peering over the wall.


Author Bio –
Wendy Steele is author, wise woman, goddess. She is writer, dance teacher, mother and healer.
Her passion is magic.
‘The Lilith Trilogy’ leads the reader along the paths of the witches Qabalah, following Angel Parson’s story of betrayal, retribution and redemption. Her magical story contains high magic as well as pagan ritual.
‘The Standing Stone Book Series’ focuses on the lives of three women linked together across time and space by the standing stone. The countryside is the focus of their magic, embracing the gods and goddesses, tree spirits, elves and fairies.
Her latest series, The Wendy Woo Witch Lit Series, begins with The Naked Witch. Lizzie Martin, receptionist, single mother and witch, is asked by her new boss to conform and embrace the corporate dress code. The reality of paisley to pin stripe, an unexpected stay in hospital, monitoring of her fourteen year old daughter’s latest crush, the search for the truth about her father’s death and two new men in her life, give Lizzie plenty of plates to spin. In the Orphan Witch, Lizzie is grieving while trying to find her real mother and the truth about her father and in the third book, The Flowerpot Witch, due to be published on 21st June, she embarks on a new career, thwarted at every step by those around her.

You can hear Wendy telling her short stories in Pan’s Grotto on her Welsh riverbank, on her YouTube channel, The Phoenix and the Dragon.
Wendy’s non-fiction title ‘Wendy Woo’s Year – A Pocketful of Smiles’ offers the reader 101 ideas to bring a smile to every day.
Wendy lives in Wales with her partner, Mike, and cats. If she’s not writing or teaching dance, you’ll find her renovating her house, clearing her land or sitting on her riverbank, breathing in the beauty of nature.

Social Media Links –
YouTube channel: The Phoenix and the Dragon

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