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The Missing Bouncy Ball by Misti Kenison - Book Review

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Emma has lost her favorite bouncy ball in the park. Can our dapper detectives, Fox and Goat, find it for her? Young children will follow their journey through the golf course, past the soccer field, and across the tennis court to the playground as they solve the mystery and learn new concepts along the way. Is the ball small or large, smooth or rough, hard or soft? This toddler's version of Sherlock Holmes is guaranteed to both engage and entertain young minds.

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My Review

**I'd like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read and review this book**

The Missing Bouncy Ball is an adorable children's book that sends two detectives -- Fox and Goat -- off on a mission to find a little girl's favorite blue bouncy ball. The pair go on the hunt through all sorts of locations, including a soccer field, a tennis court, and even a golf course. Do they ever find the missing ball? Read it to find out!

I thought the book was super cute. The illustrations are entertaining (I loved the fox wearing the sunglasses and peeking out from behind things), and I really liked how the book taught kids opposites such as hard and soft, small and large, etc. It's definitely educational while still entertaining young readers. 

I also liked how the story introduced kids to different sports, as well as guiding them along to help solve a mystery by using their knowledge of opposites, shapes, and colors. That's always a good thing for young minds.

Overall, The Missing Bouncy Ball is a short, fun, cute read that will entertain kids and parents alike. I know my three year old enjoyed the story and the pictures. Plus, my favorite animal is a fox, and my son has taken a liking to them as well, so that made the story even more enjoyable for us. Goats terrify me, but that's another story...

Anyway, I'd have to rate The Missing Bouncy Ball four stars. I really liked it!

Author Bio
Misti Kenison is a web/graphic designer and owner of MK Design. This is the third board book series that she has written and illustrated. Misti, her husband, and their two children live in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

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