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I'm a Dragon You See by David Kirkman - Book Review

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I’m A Dragon You See by David Kirkman

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Have you ever wondered what a Dragon likes to do for fun? Or what he might look like? 
Even what he likes to eat. Is it ice cream or pasta? Then ‘I am a Dragon you see’ will reveal all these 
mysteries and more. Go on an adventure with a fun repeating rhyme and colourful illustrations. 
A fun way of learning about the importance of friendship and kindness.

Title Information
Title: I’m A Dragon You See
Author: David Kirkman
Release Date: 19th June 2018
Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
I'm a Dragon You See is an adorable children's book that explains what a dragon is and can do. It's fun, it rhymes, and the illustrations are super cute. I enjoyed reading this to my three year old son. He just wanted to look at the pictures more than anything else, but he did get through the story with me.
Dragon likes to watch fireworks, roast marshmallows, play chess, and even dance! He sounds like a super fun guy.
The story is a quick, easy read that kids will enjoy. Parents will like it as well. It's a good story that showcases the importance of friendship and kindness, especially near the end.
I'd recommend it, and I give it five stars!

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