Sunday, July 1, 2018

Pause by Micki Fredricks - ARC Giveaway



He was living a nightmare. She was determined to wake him up.

An Instant.

That's all it took for Trey's life to change, twisted into an unrecognizable mess. 
Paralyzed by the weight of his guilt, he was numb to anything that wasn't his self-induced loathing 
and isolation. And that was on a good day.
Callie spent the first part of her life in the shadow of her illness. 
Two years ago, she was given a second chance, and she intended to live life to the fullest. 
She danced in the rain, sang as loud as she could and met every adventure head-on.
Life was short, and since she knew nothing was permanent, she had no time for things like falling 
in love.

But when Trey and Callie collided, life exploded into something beautiful.

Could the secret Callie carries with her ruin everything and bring the entire O'Brien family down? 
Or will it be exactly what Trey needs to pause, and remember how to live again? 


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