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Resistance by A.S. McGowan - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Cockiest Red Planet Trilogy Book 1
by A.S. McGowan


What would you do if the laws allowed anyone with money to Trademark an
everyday word? Or the copyrighting of a name, so no one could ever use that name again? 

Over a hundred years ago, Earth was dying. A few rich men and women banned
together to create a kingdom on Mars. They hand picked the people who
would join them in this new kingdom. Then they brought their arrogant
beliefs and made them laws. The Trademark Commission was established
to allow anyone who could afford it, the ability to trademark any
common word. The laws stated that once a word was trademarked no one
could speak that word again. The Naming Commission ensures that all
names are copyrighted and no one uses another person's copyrighted
name. Fines and even prison time are given to those who violate the
trademark and copyright laws. 

Kathryn 5.0 was pregnant with her first child when the word 'baby' is
trademarked. Forced to refer to her baby as "little human"
she is tired of the 100 year old laws. Reaching out to friends, she
works to create a resistance. Together they fight against the
trademark and copyright laws. Battle lines are drawn and it is family
against family. Those who resist the laws are branded "Bullies"
while those who support the ancient laws wave the "Victim" banner.

**Only .99 cents!!**

Character interview- Kathryn 5.0
Welcome Kathryn 5.0 the MC of Resistance book 1 of the Cockiest Red Planet novella trilogy. She has agreed to come out today and answer some questions. So, sit back and get to know this amazing lady.
Q1: So, tell us about where you live.
Kathryn 5.0: I live on Mars in the Cockiest kingdom. I am one of the Uppers, so I live in a very affluent neighborhood. The kingdom is broken up into four social classes. The Elites which are all descendants of the founding pioneers. Then there the Uppers, the Middles and the Lowers. For the most part there is not much that separates the Uppers from the Middles. We all interact with each other on a daily basis. During special occasions the Uppers and Middles will interact with the esteemed Elites. The Lowers however, stay in the slums.
Q2: Interesting. Is there a monarchy or government that controls the kingdom?
Kathryn 5.0: That is a really good question. We do not have a monarchy. We have what are called Commissions and each is tasked with deciding the laws for their given area. The Trademark Commission is tasked with handling the purchasing of words and the enforcement of trademark laws. Only trademark holders may speak the trademarked word once is it trademarked. The Trademark Commission will also give the citizens the new approved word or term to replace the trademarked word.
Then the Work Commission determines what job each citizen will have. They base this on where a person is born within the social class. For example, a very intelligent person born in the Lower class will not be allowed to go to college. More than likely they will be placed in one of the iron mines to work. An Upper such as my husband is a lawyer.
Then there is the Fashion Commission where all fashion for the citizens is determined. The way we dress and style our hair is determined by the Fashion Commission. So, we are then allowed to dress and style our hair from the list of approved fashions and styles.
Finally, there is the Naming Commission that registers the names of all new little humans who are born. This ensures that no two people share the same name. Hence my legal name is Kathryn 5.0. We did find a unique name for our daughter that was not already registered, Minka.
Q3: You mentioned a husband. How long have you known him?
Kathryn 5.0: I have known my husband for seventeen years. We meet when we were five. His mother and mine became friends. So, we practically grew up together. Matthew 7.0 is an amazing husband.
Q4: So, you are the MC of Resistance. I gather you are going to lead a resistance against something?
Kathryn 5.0: You are correct. I don’t want to talk too much about that right now. The kingdom has eyes and ears everywhere. Let me just say that it will start as one thing and morph into so much more as I get a glimpse into parts of the kingdom I never knew existed. In fact, I must go, there is so much that needs done to stop the injustices of my kingdom.

I am a wife and mother, who lives in a small Southeast Missouri town. I
am the author of the Centaur Agency series. Currently I am working on
book 3 in the series The Making of a Centaur which will publish in
July 2017. I also have plans for a vampire trilogy that I am working
on. I will be publishing the trilogy after I finish the 4 book
Centaur Agency series. From there I also am working on a Werewolf
series. So much planned with a little bit for everyone. 

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  1. I’m always curious how the covers are picked.

  2. Thanks so much for this tour and the opportunity to find out about another great book my family can read. We have a list now and it keeps growing with so many loving to read. Thanks also for the giveaway!

  3. The cover has a very elegant look to it! Thanks for the chance to win!


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