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Town From Hell by T.W. Kirchner - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Seventeen-year-old Racer and his girlfriend Arloe want to be together despite resistance from her parents. In defiance of an upcoming separation, they run away for the summer, going totally off the grid to a remote town in the Nevada desert. The teens think no one knows where they are—but they couldn’t be more wrong. Racer’s well-orchestrated plan for freedom turns into a nightmare from hell. Lies, deception and betrayal blur his lines of reality, and he discovers everyone in town is hiding a terrifying secret, including Arloe.

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Jennifer's Review
It was an incredible book that I enjoyed reading so much that I can't wait for the second part. 
It’s about a guy named Racer and his girlfriend Arloe, who both are running away from their fathers, and they end up in a town called Winthrop. It’s like a ghost town, but they find a place to rent, pay for it, then find out it’s a pigsty. 
Soon, things start going badly for them. Racer’s tattoo starts burning, hurting him, and he soon learns that he has been chosen to be part of something bad and something seriously bad is wrong with the people like the sheriff, the doctor, the mechanic, the relator, etc. What is wrong with them? Why does his tattoo do weird things? Do Racer and Arloe ever escape from that hellhole town? 
This book is so exciting to read, and it deserves 5 stars!!! 

Author Bio
T.W. Kirchner is the author of the Pirates Off middle grade series and The Troubled Souls of Goldie Rich young adult series. Besides writing, she loves tennis, yoga, painting and gardening. She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, two children, and furry menagerie known as the Kirchner Zoo.  

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