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Zenobia: Birth of a Legend by Russ Wallace - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Russ Wallace is a long-time student of history and religion. He employs a vivid imagination to fill in the life of Zenobia, a real historical figure and one of the most fascinating women who ever lived. 

He is working on future books in the Zenobia Book Series. Zenobia - Birth of a Legend won a 2012 IPPY award in Historical Fiction.

In the 3rd century, a girl of uncommon abilities was born in the desert wilderness of Syria. Rescued from death by her courageous mother, Zenobia masqueraded as a boy to stay alive. She grew up to become one of the toughest, deadliest women who ever lived.

The first book in the series traces Zenobia’s life from age nine to fifteen, setting the stage for her amazing rise to power. It includes the beginnings of her legend and her budding romances.

No one who reads her captivating story will ever forget Zenobia!

The Author is putting both books in this Series on special offer on Amazon 25 - 26th of July 2018! 

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Suddenly it came – a roar reverberating the ground. Jumping up she yelled, “Bethy, come!” She did not want her mare to bolt in panic through the fence and straight into the fangs and claws of a lion. Bethy trotted over nervously and Zenobia said, “Good girl. Bethy, hold!” Several of the horses began to whinny and run around the corral, but Bethy held her place by her mistress.

Zenobia moved into the corral while straining to see into the darkness. Then she saw them – spread out before her three sets of large yellow eyes glowing in the darkness. It was the most threatening sight she had ever seen. She had learned that at night a human could only see the eyes of the big cats when they were focused on the observer and there was a little light coming from behind the watcher. Their eyes must be reflecting the faint moonlight.

Now she could barely make out the shadowy shapes of the three huge cats. She caught a glimpse of movement behind their eyes, and she hoped it was her imagination and not more lions. She instinctively glanced to her left and right. Another set of luminous eyes appeared briefly to her far right. She made an almost involuntary snarl. Not too bad, she thought. The eyes stopped moving. Where is Julian? He and other guards must have heard the roar.

As she watched intently, the pair to her left disappeared and reappeared. It’s flanking us. The eyes to the far right were gone now, but the two pairs of golden orbs straight ahead began to slowly draw closer. She now noticed that one set of eyes was larger, evidently the male. Then the eyes stopped dead ahead. She guessed that the lions were energizing for a charge.

Her decision was calculated and determined in an instant. She drew her bow and shot behind the flanking eyes to her left. She was relieved to hear a yowl of pain and a snarl, as she had hoped. As she quickly placed her next arrow, the smaller pair of eyes ahead suddenly veered away into the night, perhaps scared off by the painful yowl of the wounded lioness.

She was startled to see the eyes belonging to the male grow still larger, bobbing up and down. It’s charging! She knew she had only seconds to live. Bethy saw the lion charge and finally bolted. Zenobia aimed below the eyes and shot fast. She grabbed another arrow, rushing to get off a second shot. Then she heard a crash and she was slammed in the chest, fell backwards to the ground, hit her head hard, and lost consciousness.

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