All the Hidden Sins
Jake Carrington #2

by Marian Lanouette
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Pub Date: 7/31/2018

When it comes to crime, homicide detective Jake Carrington plays for high stakes . . .
Assigned a missing persons case, Lieutenant Jake Carrington investigates a local Mob
boss. The trail goes cold, but the Mafioso isn’t taking any
chances, and soon the heat turns up from another quarter. Turns out
there’s more than one dangerous suspect . . .
Kyra Russell is drop-dead gorgeous and Jake is only human. But despite their mutual
attraction, Jake’s suspicion deepens when he learns about her
gambling problem—an addiction that cost her both husband and son.
Even more disturbing is Kyra’s day job. She runs a crematorium—and
it’s tied to the Mob. Now Jake will have to navigate a firestorm of
treachery to get to the truth . . .
Previously published as Burn in Hell

Where to begin, Kyra mused. She sipped her coffee and ignored the burning sensation in her gut. Her head spun with a dozen answers. “Joe Dillon’s my host at the casino—I’m in debt way over my head—he made me an offer to pay off my debt. It’s a chance for a fresh start,” she said, as she looked deep into Phil’s shadowy eyes. Phil was impossible to read and that bothered her.
She inhaled, and finished her story. Bile choked her.
“Is this out of the norm for you?”
Of course it is. “Yes. He gave me two options. Neither appealed to me, both were out of the question, but I don’t have a choice.” She dropped her head in defeat.
“Then why are you here?”
Her head jerked up. “Excuse me?”
“I asked, why are you here? It’s a simple question.” His voice hardened.
“I told you I have no choice.”
“Who said?”
“I understood I had no choice when Joe presented it to me.”
“We all have choices, Kyra. You can choose one of the options Joe presented to you or walk away and never look back.”
“Without any trouble?”
“I don’t cause trouble for anyone.”
A lie I’m sure. “Okay.”
“I understand you have a son. It must be hard to work full-time and be a parent.” He smiled. Though he tried for benevolent, it missed its mark.
“I don’t want to speak about my son.”
Now she was scared from her head to her toes. It was evident Phil liked fear. Was that how he controlled people?
“Most times I can’t shut a mother up about her children.”
“Trevor doesn’t come into this, understand?”
“Are you threatening me, Kyra?” He smiled without mirth.
“No,” she whispered.
“Good. If I decide to use you, you’ll have no say in anything.
Anything. You got that?”
“Good. I don’t hurt children. I’m insulted that after spending less than half an hour with me you believe I do.” Anger peppered his words.
“Trevor’s everything to me. I needed…I had to make sure.” Her voice quavered.
“I understand. But you understand, if we move forward, I own you.
Own you, Kyra.”
She lowered her head, sat in silence. Her hands trembled. She paused to gather strength before she replied. “What you mean by ‘own me?’”
“Exactly that. Do you need a dictionary?” He raised his left brow, the corner of his mouth twisted.
“No. I’m under the impression I’m here for a certain function. What other things do you have in mind?” She raised her head, making eye contact again.
“You’re here for a certain thing which might have to occur on more than one occasion. Do you understand what I’m saying?”
“What are your reasons for accepting Joe’s deal?”
She contemplated before answering. “I want my son back, Phil. I’ll do anything to get him back.”
“How did you lose him?”
“Gambling.” The flash of anger burned up her neck as her emotions,  as always, showed on her face. It was times like this she wished she was a brunette.
“I’m sure it was a tough lesson. How did it get out of control?”
“I—” She stopped. I don’t know isn’t acceptable here.
“I let it take control of me. At the time I cared about nothing else.”
She’d never said it aloud. For the first time, she realized the simple truth in her statement. Her heart—awash in shame—had to deal with the fact she hadn’t put Trevor first.
“You didn’t care about your son?” A cruel man. He pushed her buttons.
“From the moment I became pregnant, I loved and cared for my son. I can’t explain it to myself. How can I explain it to you?”
“The answer should be simple. You control your actions. I control mine.”
Cruel, yes. “I’m aware I made the wrong decisions, harmful decisions, decisions I have to live with, Phil, not you.”
“You’re annoyed. Good.”
“Yes, good. Your answers are honest. Your anger is pointed at you, not at anyone else. I like that, because that’s where it belongs.”
His words crushed her. Kyra waited for him to continue his attack against her character. It baffled her when Phil got up and walked to his desk. He pulled out his chair then sat. Next, he opened a drawer. “Join me over here, Kyra.”
The man’s devious. He must be through testing me. She pushed off her chair, went to his desk. For some reason it hit her—that was the longest yard of her life.
“Why are you smiling?”
Startled. “Nothing.”
He tilted his head at her. His scary eyes stared her down.
She exhaled. “I didn’t realize I was smiling, because I don’t want to.”
Studying him, she continued. “I have a habit of playing jokes in my head when I’m under stress. It relaxes me. The walk from the chair to the desk hit me as the longest yard.” She shrugged.
“Do you understand why you’re here tonight?”
“Yes. You’re assessing me, trying to figure out two things. One.” She held up her right hand, extended her index finger, tapping it on her left hand.
“If I’m up for the task. And two, if I’m intelligent enough to understand what I’m committing to.”
“Correct.” He continued to stare.
“What’s your decision?”
He laughed, taking her off guard.
“Why are you laughing?” Hating herself for asking.
Pain shot up her arm as she dug her nails into her palm. Fighting for control, she bit back the sarcastic quip on the tip of her tongue. Kyra lifted her head and stared at him. Enough of playing the frail and helpless female—I hate being played. She needed his answer now.
“Your decision?”
“Kyra, let’s make it clear up front. I’m in charge. I’m always in charge. I don’t put up with insolence. Understood?”
“I give people my answer when I’m ready to give my answer. Understood?”
He tapped his pen on the desk. Kyra waited, watching it bounce up and down. The man’s a control freak. It’s obvious from the way he’s conducted this interview. She wondered if he realized how much of himself he gave away with his motions. He reminded her of her trustees at the cemetery on one level, the only difference, Phil was a dangerous man.
“I’ve come to a decision. I can’t use you.”
“May I ask why?”
She squared her shoulders, stood, held out her hand. He took it. Held it.
“Thank you for your time, Phil.”
“Aren’t you the polite one? I like polite employees.”
Her head snapped up. “Excuse me?” He still held her hand.
“I am going to use you, Kyra, because it gives us both what we need. I needed to see how you’d react when things didn’t go your way.”
“I’m not sure they did.”
He laughed. “Yep, honest.”
Getting down to business, he outlined how the undertaker would show up with a legitimate cremation, and inside that coffin there’d be two bodies, not one. The legal cremation’s paperwork covered both their asses if someone asked any questions. She wasn’t allowed to take notes. She’d memorize the information until she got home. Once there she’d open a file on her computer and passcode for her eyes only. It took Phil an hour to detail everything. She’d be paid the one hundred thousand in large bills.
The first burn had to happen within days or the deal was off. Oh my God, I agreed to dispose of a body for the freaking mob. I’m going to hell for sure.
He seemed surprised that she hadn’t blink when he mentioned that the same fee applied for each body.
“Kyra, you understand this isn’t a one-time deal?”
“I figured it out over dinner with Joe. Once in, there’s no getting out,” she stated.
“This concludes our business for tonight.” He stood.
“Thanks, Phil.” She extended her hand again.
He took it, then seemed to make a personal decision. “Kyra, are you free tomorrow night? I’d like to take you to dinner. It has nothing to do with the deal.”
“I have a dinner date tomorrow night, but I can cancel it. It’s a first date.”
“No, don’t cancel. We’ll make it some other time.”
“I don’t have plans for Saturday night if you want to go then instead of Friday?”
“Yes, Saturday’s fine. I’ll call with the time. I prefer eating around nine. It’s not too late for you, is it?”
“I’ll send a car.”
“Where are we going?”
The corner of his lip twitched up at her question. “There are some great restaurants around here.”
“I live in Wilkesbury. Why don’t I drive up here? That way you don’t have to worry about getting me home.”
His eyes twinkled. “Don’t plan on staying the night?”
Laughing, he said, “Fair enough.”

All the Deadly Lies
Jake Carrington #1

Homicide detective Jake Carrington takes murder personally…
The victim was bludgeoned, stripped, and left for dead. Shanna Wagner
deserves justice—and there’s no better cop than Lieutenant Jake
Carrington to find her killer. The brutality of the crime reminds
Jake of his sister’s murder seventeen years ago, and the
remorseless man responsible, now up for parole.
Then another woman is killed—and Jake goes dangerously close to the
edge. He’ll have to face his personal demons and focus his
formidable skills if he hopes to stop a vicious murderer from
striking again—and hold on to his career, and his life . . .

A self-described tough blonde from Brooklyn, Marian Lanouette
grew up as one of 10 children. As far back as she can remember,
Marian loved to read. She was especially intrigued by the Daily
crime reports. Tragically, someone she knew was murdered.
The killer was never found. Her Jake Carrington thrillers are
informed by her admiration for police work, her experience in running
a crematorium, and her desire to write books where good prevails,
even in the darkest times. Marian lives in New England with her husband.

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