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Exposed by Jenny Phillips - Book Blitz

Title: Exposed

Author: Jenny Phillips

Series: The Broken Soul Series (Book 3)

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: Aug 4 2018

Edition/Format: 1st Edition/Format ~ eBook & Print


Morgan Cauldwell’s life appears to finally have settled down. However, for Morgan, normalcy never lasts long. College classes have begun and she should be looking forward to attending the Gifted Ball with her boyfriend, Chase. Except for her strained relationship with the Gifted Council, everything should be perfect.... so why is she still dreaming about her dead soulmate? And why does she seem to be the only person concerned with her evil Grandfather’s whereabouts?

When the Ball is crashed, Morgan’s worst fears are confirmed, and she finds herself at the mercy of Stephen and his traitorous sidekick. Can Chase find her before the ultimate sacrifice is made, or will it be up to Morgan to convince the two people who have never hesitated to hurt her that their plan is seriously flawed?

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My grandfather sat behind the desk looking as menacing as ever. His red eyes were on me as I moved toward the desk.
“Have a seat, Morgan.”
“I’d prefer to stand.”
“Sit,” he commanded, and his voice told me he wasn’t in the mood for my disobedience.
I sat opposite him chewing on my lip, nervously waiting for him to talk. He took his time, watching me closely.
“I realize we haven’t had a chance to catch up.”
My eyes went wide. “You’re serious?”
He smiled wickedly.
I went on, incredulous, “The last time I saw you, you were beating up everyone I cared about—”
“Ah. They attacked me first.”
Ignoring him, I said, “Then you kidnapped me.” My voice shrilled, “You barely acknowledged me yesterday and now you want to catch up?” I shook my head. “You need meds.”
“You’ve been spending too much time with your simple-minded friends. Picked up their biting wits I see.” Rising to his full height, he began to pace the section behind the desk. “Even your insults are ignorant.”
“I’m not ignorant!” The blood rushed to my face. Who did this man think he was?
“No, you’re not,” he agreed, surprisingly, but came back with another insult instead. “You’re weak.”
“Wha—” I’d show him! “Who the hell do you think you are?” I focused on lifting a ceramic mug filled with pens so I could chuck it at his head. It barely wobbled. He smirked, clearly following my focus. I tried again, and this time put so much force into it my head throbbed, but the mug only lifted maybe an inch off the desk before clattering back to the surface on its side and spilling the pens onto the desk and floor. I stared at it, dumbfounded for a moment. What’s happening to me?
“Well that was unfortunate.” He leaned against the desk. “Now let’s have a civilized conversation, granddaughter.”
Resigned, I leaned back in the seat and folded my arms.
“I’m sure you have questions …”
I shrugged, fully aware I was acting like a spoiled child.
“Okay then. I guess you get to listen to me talk. I didn’t plan on this being one-sided.” He came back around to sit in the desk chair. “As you know, you are very valuable to me. I need your help in completing something I set out to do—”
“Before I was born?” I guessed.
“Yes,” he praised as if I were a dog learning a new trick. “I need you, I need the amulet, and I need several other sacrifices—”
“Yes, well the ritual calls for Gifted to turn of their own free will …”
“Why would turning be considered a sacrifice?”
He stumbled over his next words, “Well, I-I suppose they’d b-be giving up a piece of themselves.”
“But I thought turning was more like adding new Gifts?”
“You’re giving up a soul-mate. Is that not a piece of yourself?”
“You would know.”
His face flushed angrily. “Morgan, are you not capable of a mature conversation?”
“Are you not capable of convincing people by normal conversation? Do you have to hold people hostage to make them see your point?”
“A little forceful persuasion is sometimes needed.” His voice turned playful. “You seem to be enjoying your stay.”
I guffawed. “How would I be enjoying this?”
“You seem to enjoy your time with Rylan.”
I lifted my chin. “Your point is …”
“You wouldn’t have this opportunity if I hadn’t—”
“Kidnapped me?” I offered.
He shrugged. “Call it what you will.”
“I call it an asshole move,” I said.
Stephen slammed his fist on the desk. “You’ll watch your tone with me! I know Loretta taught you better than that.”
“Yeah, she taught me to respect people who respect me, not someone who changed my life and put me in danger for their own selfish needs!” I stood to glare down at him, ignoring his glowing red eyes. I would not let him intimidate me. “And certainly not someone who continuously hurts those I love, including breaking my grandmother’s heart!”
He looked wounded but only momentarily before he rose slowly, towering over me and glared down.
“I will not tolerate your disre—”
I cut him off, “You have to earn my respect.” I said it cool and even, and set my jaw stubbornly.


Born in Michigan, Jenny Phillips has never strayed far from the beaches of Lake Michigan. Armed with a big imagination, Jenny would sit in the woods surrounding her home for hours just day dreaming. After losing her mother to ALS, she vowed she would make the most of her life and never let her imagination go to waste. When not coaching, reading or obsessively buying books, she spends her time with her two beautiful daughters, rambunctious toddler and husband.

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