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F is for France by Piu Eatwell - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Exploring a culture filled with arcane laws, historical incidents, and bizarre paradoxes, Piu Eatwell's follow up to her award-winning and critically acclaimed myth-buster They Eat Horses, Don't They is a delightful exploration of France's quirky, literary, and culinary heritage.

From absinthe and catacombs to former French soccer player Zinedine Zidane, Eatwell leaves no stone unturned, taking readers off the beaten path to explore the kind of information that gets missed in guidebooks and 'official' information sources. Who could imagine, for example, that there is a village in France where UFOs are banned from landing? Or that there is a verifiable population of wild kangaroos in the forests surrounding Paris?

These, and many other off-beat delights, are just some of the curiosities awaiting readers in this journey through byways and hidden treasures of this endlessly fascinating and paradoxical country. Full of the richness and variety of France beyond the platitudes, including recipes and charming illustrations, F is for France is an ideal gift book and a must-read for Francophiles and anyone with an interest in French travel and culture.

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Jennifer's Review
It's a good book about words and places and other things in A-Z order. 
Only read if you can understand English and French.  
2 stars. 

Author Bio
Piu Eatwell is a writer based in Paris, France. She writes in a mixture of genres including fiction and non-fiction, historical true crime, and books about French lifestyle.

Piu is the author of The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse, a historical true-life tale of intrigue set in Edwardian England which was shortlisted for the 2015 Goodreads Readers' Choice Award. Her book exploring myths about the French, They Eat Horses, Don't They? The Truth About The French, was book of the week in the NY Times and The Times (UK), and won the Next Generation Indie Award. F is for France continues similar themes on a more light-hearted note, in the form of a fun trivia book about France.

Piu graduated from Oxford University ‘summa cum laude’, with a starred First Class degree. She subsequently worked as a lawyer in top litigation firms in the UK and France, and as a television producer for the BBC and other TV companies, including researching the acclaimed Channel 4 documentary Charles Manson: the Man who Killed the Sixties (in which she makes a guest appearance as a hippie in a wig), and the ITV Southbank Show series, Cyberspace.

Piu’s latest book, Black Dahlia, Red Rose, presents a startling new solution to a notorious murder that took place in Los Angeles in 1947. Black Dahlia, Red Rose was published in 2017, the 70th anniversary year of the Dahlia murder, and was a Times Book of the Year. The book has been optioned for a TV documentary and drama.

When not delving in history archives or writing about her adopted country, Piu lives in Paris and renovates dilapidated apartments. She is married with three children.

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